Asymmetrical Blue Pullover

Yarn: Vardhman Winter Shine Knitting Yarn
Needle no: 9
Quantity: 380 gm.

Front:- Cast on 64 sts and start working on cable. After knitting till 27” decrease 3-2-1 st for armhole shape than knit for 3.5” than again decrease 20 st from another side for neck in round shape. Knit for 5” than increase 20 sts in round shape.Knit for 3.5 “ and increase 3-2-1 from another side and knit plain for 22”. Pick sts from the centre and knit for 6” after that decrease 3-2-1 from right side for armhole. Than knit for 5.5” and from another side give a shape of round neck for 3”.

Back:- work as per front

Sleeves:- Cast on 50sts and work in 1*1 rib for 3” border. From the center start on cable design and increase 1-1 sts from both the ends in every 6th row. Knit this till 18.5”. Work same for other sleeves and cast off.

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The Colourful Pullover

Yarn : Vardhman Blossom Knitting Yarn
Needle No. : 8
Quantity : 360 gm.

Front: Cast on 100 sts and work in k2 p2 rib for 2”( star with pink color).work on pointals for 3.5” after that start with yellow color for 3.5”. Divide half sts in orange and half in yellow color. After completing 6.5” from yellow, start with purple color and decrease 1” from center for neck shape. Keep 22-22 sts for shoulder.

Back: Work as per front and slip off center at neck edge by 2”.

Sleeves: cast on 50 sts and work in k2 p2 rib for 3”. Start pointals with pink color for 3.5” after that in every 6th row increase 1-1 sts from both ends till its 12”. Decrease 3-3-3 sts for armhole and cast off the sts. Work same for other sleeves and cast off.

Neck: Pick up sts of neck and work 1X1 rib for 1” and cast off. Join sleeves and sides.

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