Hurdle Stitch Coasters


Perfect project for a lazy weekend, these pretty coasters knit up in no time, and what’s more, you can make two sets of six, in just one ball of Vardhman Bling. A great project for beginners, though experienced knitters find it equally refreshing! Steam blocking the finished coasters gives them the perfect finish.

Make these as quick gifts for friends and family, and don’t forget to share pictures of your coasters with us. Tag us to your facebook/Instagram post as @vardhmanknitworld or use the hashtag #vardhmanknittingyarn

Find this pattern on Ravelry here

Materials required –

Vardhman Bling – 50g for a set of six coasters
Needles – 3.50mm/Indian Size 10
Ring stitch markers – 2 no.



Finished measurement

Each coaster measures 4” X 4”

Abbreviations Used

CO – cast on
BO – bind off
sts – stitches
k – knit
p – purl
pm – place marker
sm – slip marker
WS – Wrong Side
RS – Right Side



With 3.5mm needles, CO 23 sts

Set up row (WS) – k2, pm, k till 2 sts remain, pm, k2

Begin Hurdle Stitch:
Row 1 (RS) – knit all sts
Row 2 – knit all sts
Row 3 – k2, sm, *k1p1, repeat from * till one st before the next marker, k1, sm, k2.

Row 4 – k2, sm, *p1k1, repeat from * till one stitch before the next marker, p1, sm, k2.

Repeat rows 1-4 six more times

Next row – removing markers, knit all sts
Next row – knit all sts
next row – knit all sts
Next row – BO all sts knitwise.

Steam block the finished coasters after weaving in the yarn tails.

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