Pastel Pink Dress

Yarn: Vardhman Baby Soft Knitting Yarn
Needle No.: 10
Quantity: 220 g

Front: Cast on 110 sts and start pointal pattern. Then in every 8th row decrease 1-1 sts from both sides till 15″.

Back: Knit same as front.

Sleeves: Cast on 90 sts knit pointal pattern for 2.5″. Knit another sleeve likewise collect all the sts of front back and sleeves and knit for 2.5″. Then knit 2×2 rib border. Then decrease 30-30 sts in every 6th row and knit for 4″ and cast off.

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Four Sleeve Styles You Cannot Miss This Winter!

Seamless Yoke
The seamless yoke style is the simplest sweater to knit in the round from the top down. These sweaters are unique in their lack of visible armhole shaping. Since the shoulders and armholes are not well defined, the yokes of these sweaters have a less tailored fit.

Sweater Design

The next simplest style is the raglan. Sweaters with raglan shaping have distinctive “seams” between the front(s), back, and sleeves that form diagonal lines running from the neck edge to the base of the armholes. Beginning at the neck, the number of stitches on the front(s), back, and sleeves increase at regular intervals along these lines to give each section a triangular shape. Raglan sweaters fit nicely at the shoulders and lend themselves well to a close fit or waist shaping.

Sweater DesignModified Drop-Shoulder

For the modified drop-shoulder style, the sleeves join the yoke in “notches” that extend from the shoulders to the base of the armholes. Other than stitches cast on at the base of the armholes, there is no armhole shaping. Modified drop-shoulder (also called indented sleeve or square armhole) sweaters are characterized by a boxy shape and casual style. The sleeves are attached to the body along straight armhole edges. The resulting square shape provides a broad canvas on which it’s easy to incorporate texture patterns.

Modified drop shoulderSet-In Sleeve

Set-in sleeve styles have a classic tailored fit. The front(s) and back are worked separately to the desired armhole depth, with increases worked along the edges to tailor the shape of the armholes. Sweaters with set-in sleeves have tailored silhouettes and a timeless, classic quality. Because there is no excess fabric at the armholes, it gives a more refined look to even casual styles.

Sweater Design

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Hand Pouch With Hairband To Match

Yarn: Vardhman Knitting Yarn
Needle No.: 8
Quantity: 40g cream colour, 40g red colour

Abbreviations: st(s) stitch(es), K-knit, P-purl, st-st, stocking stitch i.e., right side K and wrong side P rows.

Instruction: Pouch – Make 2 pieces. Using colour 1 and no. 8 needles, cast on 47 sts. Work 2 rows in K2, P2 rib. Next row, make holes for draw-string as follows: K2, yarn forward K2 together repeat to end of row. Work 3 more rows in rib. Change to st-st. When the piece measures 8 cm from cast on edge work in fair isle according to the graph. Cast off.
Draw-string – Make 2. Fold 6.50m yarn 4 times, twist and double. Knot ends. To make up join seams and draw-strings through holes in opposite directions.
Hair Band – Using colour 1 and no. 8 needles cast on 92 sts. Work 17 rows in st-st. Then work the first 15 rows from the chart in 2 colours. Work 2 more rows in colour 1. Cast off. Join seams and the 2 ends.

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Orange & Turquoise Pullover

Yarn: Vardhman Pretty Baby Knitting yarn
Needle no. 11
Quantity: Orange : 150 gm. Turquoise : 50 gm.

Front : Cast on 104 sts and work in K2,P2 rib for 1.5″.Work in for 2″ using orange yarn. Then by using turquoise yarn work in lacy pattern for 1″.Using orange ( and turquoise (lacy pattern) yarn work in stripper for 8.5″.Decrease 2-1 st for armhole. After 3″, decrease neck st in round shape for 3″. Keep 25-25 sts for shoulders.

Back : Work as per front.

Sleeves : Cast on 48 sts and work in K2,P2 rib for 2″.work as front stripper pattern by using orange and turquoise yarn by increasing 1-1 st on both ends of every 6th row for 9″. Decrease 3-3-3 sts for armhole for 3″. Work same for other sleeve and cast off.

Neck : Pick up sts of neck and work in K2,P2 rib for 1″ and cast off. Join shoulders, set in sleeves and join sleeves and side seams.

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The Grey Pattern Pullover

Yarn: Vardhman Classic Crape Knitting Yarn
Needle No. 9
Quantity: Light Grey 200 gm. Dark Grey 50 gm. Off White 15 gm.

Front: Cast on 80 sts and work in K1,P1 rib for 2″. Work in for 10.5″ using light grey yarn and then according to chart work on pattern. After 2″, decrease 3-2-1 sts for armhole. After 3.5″, decrease sts at centre in round shade for 3.5″.Make small separate balls in each color. Twist yarns together when changing color to avoid holes. Keep 20-20 sts for shoulders.

Back: Work as per front and slip off centre at neck edge by 1″.

Sleeves: Cast on 40 sts and work in K1,P1 rib for 2″. Work in for 12.5″ and then according to chart work on pattern by increasing 1-1 st on both ends of every 6th row. Decrease 3-3-3 sts for armhole. Work same for other sleeve and cast off.

Neck: Pick up sts of neck and work in K1,P1 rib for 1″ and cast off. Join shoulders, set in sleeves and join sleeves and side seams.

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