Casual Brown Sweater

Yarn: Vardhman Blue Bell Knitting Yarn
Needle No.: 9
Quantity: 440 g

Cast on 240 sts and start with 2 colour purl design. From one side, start 2×2 rib border with both the colours till 11”. Knit the other part likewise and stitch both the parts from front till 10” and back part till 14”. Lastly, shape the neckline.

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Complete Guide On Teaching How To Knit

Sure, knitting seems easy to you now, but once it was not. Admit it, it was intimidating. You got enchanted by the beautiful projects but were not sure if you too will be able to make one. But now you are awesome at it!

If someone has approached you about learning how to knit or you would like to teach someone how to knit but you aren’t sure how to begin, here are some tips that should help.

1. Consider knitting a couple of rows in advance and to give the new knitter something to hold onto while learning. You can always teach them to cast on after they’ve made their first little sample swatch.



2. Start with large needles, at least size 9 and light-colored yarn. They make it easier for the new knitter to see the knitting clearly.

Needles and Yarn

3. Be patient and go slow! Move slowly and don’t get frustrated when you need to show your student something over and over.

4. Start with a swatch of about 20 or 25 stitches. The knit stitch should be practiced until the knitter is comfortable, then switch to purling, followed by binding off.

5. Get the person to relax. That may be the most important thing.

6. Give compliments, maybe not on the knitting but on the efforts put in.

7. Sit beside the person you are teaching so that you can easily see what’s going on and help.


It is rightly said, “Give a woman a sweater; she’ll be happy for a day. Teach a woman how to knit; she’ll be happy for a lifetime.”

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Ever Wondered How Saving Is Like Knitting?

You already know the benefits of knitting. Knitting teaches you the basic principles of living life and it also keeps you healthy. But do you know if you analyse the process of knitting closely, it also teaches you how to save successfully? Read further to know how.

1. Just like knitting is built on two basic stitches, saving is built on two basic rules – budget your expenses and live below your means.

2. No savings goal is too ambitious if you crave the result enough, just as your knitting projects.Saving and knitting

3. Do you knit every minute of your life? No, right? Similarly, you don’t have to tinker with your investments every day to reach your goal.

4. Just by looking at the cable stitch for the first time, didn’t you think it was beyond you? But you learned. Now you think managing funds is beyond you, but you can learn that too.

5. Be patient. As a beginner, you can’t knit an elaborate sweater right away and you can’t accumulate your desired savings goal right away. Saving and knitting

Take control of your funds from now on and you will be amazed how easy handling money is.

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Learn To Live Life With Knitting

Doesn’t life look like a yarn hank at times? Too many knots, huh? But then gradually you turn it into a fluffy ball which is much easier to use and in the end, just like life, everything falls into life.

Yes, life and knitting have a lot in common and here’s what we can learn from our favourite art.


We learn to start over
We want everything to be perfect on the first go, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes one might have to rip out the stitches and start over. But starting over doesn’t have to hurt. Sometimes it’s the best place to begin and you might just get a new and a better idea.


We learn that success is made of many failures
Possibly thousands of them. Don’t sweat it. Pull out the stitches. Do it again and again until you get there. So just keep moving.


We learn to slow down
In this fast-moving world in which we live, taking the time to do something that requires slowing down to focus on what you’re doing feels relaxing.


We learn to live in the moment
What’s important? This stitch, right now. This. The one before is complete. The one after is out of reach. This stitch, right now. One at a time.


We learn to let go of the outcome
We do celebrate the sweater on the baby but we come to enjoy the steps which took us there even more. Even those who would say they are more about the end product must to some extent enjoy the process. Because, as is often pointed out to us, you can buy socks, you know.

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Super Easy Things To Do With Your Yarn Other Than Knitting.

A lot many times we all have associated yarns with only knitting. Even more times it has happened that you are left with a little ball of yarn which is too less to be used to make something big. But here are a few interesting ways which do not involve knitting at all and puts those little balls of yarns to work.


1. Reinvent a plain woven basket or cushions by adding some tassels. Add colours to your room.



2. Decorate ordinary desk accessories with a few stitches. A good way to make your workstation a cool station.




3. Use yarn scraps to make these cute little guys and girls. Hang them in varying sizes on a wall and they look as if they are dancing.



4. Just a few short pieces can make these super-cute bookmarks. Makes a book all the more cute.



5. Old bottles can become new again with some multi-coloured yarn. Simply keep them on a shelf and brighten up your room.Bottles



6. Turn any hanger into a nonslip hanger by wrapping yarn around it. For the times, when they are not in use.Hanger

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