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Super Easy Things To Do With Your Yarn Other Than Knitting.

A lot many times we all have associated yarns with only knitting. Even more times it has happened that you are left with a little ball of yarn which is too less to be used to make something big. But here are a few interesting ways which do not involve knitting at all and puts those little balls of yarns to work.


1. Reinvent a plain woven basket or cushions by adding some tassels. Add colours to your room.




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Quick Gift Ideas To Impress Your Dad This Father’s Day

Gifts make everyone happy and handmade gifts make everyone the happiest. The best thing about handmade gifts is that they speak volume of the love and care with which they are made. The gift has a personal touch which makes it special. Gift your father something special this Father

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Famous Celebrities Who You Cannot Believe Love Knitting.

Gone are those days when only grandmothers around the world used to knit sweaters, today Hollywood celebrities are bringing the cool back to knitting. Don

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Knitting Begins With Knowing Your Yarn.

The entire purpose of this very elementary knitting information is to teach the basic differences in yarn types and packaging available in the market. Yarn is packaged (or

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