Couple Sweater Design

Yarn: Vardhman Zaima Knitting Yarn
Needle No.: 7
Quantity: 615 g

Front: Cast on 114 sts and start 2×2 pattern. After 4.5″ exchange 2 cables of 32-32 sts at equal distance from centre. After 10″ exchange second
cable. After 20.5″ decrease 4-3-2-1 sts for armhole. Knit 10″ from below cable and exchange cables. After 6″, decrease centre sts in round shape for 3″. Keep 30-20 sts for shoulders.
Back: Knit same as front without cables.
Sleeves: Cast on 46 sts and start 2×2 pattern and then increase 1-1 sts from both sides in every 6th row till 23″ then decrease 2-2 sts for armhole sleeve likewise.
Neck: Pick neck sts & knit 2×2 border for 3″ and cast off.

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Hand Pouch With Hairband To Match

Yarn: Vardhman Knitting Yarn
Needle No.: 8
Quantity: 40g cream colour, 40g red colour

Abbreviations: st(s) stitch(es), K-knit, P-purl, st-st, stocking stitch i.e., right side K and wrong side P rows.

Instruction: Pouch – Make 2 pieces. Using colour 1 and no. 8 needles, cast on 47 sts. Work 2 rows in K2, P2 rib. Next row, make holes for draw-string as follows: K2, yarn forward K2 together repeat to end of row. Work 3 more rows in rib. Change to st-st. When the piece measures 8 cm from cast on edge work in fair isle according to the graph. Cast off.
Draw-string – Make 2. Fold 6.50m yarn 4 times, twist and double. Knot ends. To make up join seams and draw-strings through holes in opposite directions.
Hair Band – Using colour 1 and no. 8 needles cast on 92 sts. Work 17 rows in st-st. Then work the first 15 rows from the chart in 2 colours. Work 2 more rows in colour 1. Cast off. Join seams and the 2 ends.

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Colourful Striped Sweater

Yarn: Vardhman Jupiter Knitting Yarn
Needle No.: 9
Quantity: 460 g

Front: Cast on 110 sts and knit with dark blue colour till 11” then knit with orange colour till 6” and then with white colour till 3.5”. Start shaping the armhole in3-2-1 manner. Knit with light being colour for 3” and shape the neckline round in 5”.

Back: Back will be knitted same as front.

Sleeves: Cast on 52 sts and knit 2×2 rib border for 2”. Then knit striper pattern by increasing 1-1 sts from both sides till 18”. Shape armhole in a 3-2-3-2 manner and cast off all the sts in 4”. Knit the other sleeve likewise.

Neck: Pick neck sts and knit 2×2 rib border for 1” and cast off.

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Super Easy Things To Do With Your Yarn Other Than Knitting.

A lot many times we all have associated yarns with only knitting. Even more times it has happened that you are left with a little ball of yarn which is too less to be used to make something big. But here are a few interesting ways which do not involve knitting at all and puts those little balls of yarns to work.


1. Reinvent a plain woven basket or cushions by adding some tassels. Add colours to your room.



2. Decorate ordinary desk accessories with a few stitches. A good way to make your workstation a cool station.




3. Use yarn scraps to make these cute little guys and girls. Hang them in varying sizes on a wall and they look as if they are dancing.



4. Just a few short pieces can make these super-cute bookmarks. Makes a book all the more cute.



5. Old bottles can become new again with some multi-coloured yarn. Simply keep them on a shelf and brighten up your room.Bottles



6. Turn any hanger into a nonslip hanger by wrapping yarn around it. For the times, when they are not in use.Hanger

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Quick Gift Ideas To Impress Your Dad This Father’s Day

Gifts make everyone happy and handmade gifts make everyone the happiest. The best thing about handmade gifts is that they speak volume of the love and care with which they are made. The gift has a personal touch which makes it special. Gift your father something special this Father’s Day. Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarns brings you ideas which are quick and easy to make with yarns.

Gifting your dad knitted socks would make a very thoughtful gift. You can also make the socks using crochets.

SocksLaptop/iPad cover
Use vibrant colours to make the laptop cover. It would make him smile every time he takes his laptop out of the bag. This is the apt gift for all the tech-savvy dads!

Laptop SleeveMuffler/Scarf
Knit or crochet your favourite pattern to make a muffler and a classic gift for your dad is all set by tomorrow. It will feel like your warm hug all throughout the winters.
Headbands are both fashionable and functional. Make a simple striped pattern with a good colour combination and voila! within an evening the perfect trendy gift for your dearest daddy is ready.HeadBand

Wrapping with yarns
Lastly, if you are too late to knit and have already planned to gift him something else, you can use yarns to decorate your gift to make it look warm.
Gift Wrapping



This father’s day, earn brownie points by making extra effort to surprise your dad with special handmade gifts. It is the gesture that always counts and expresses much more than words ever will.

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