The Smart V-Neck Sweater

Yarn: Vardhman Jupiter Knitting Yarn
Needle No: 9
Quantity: 420 gm.

Front: Cast on 130 sts and work on p4 k3, p2 k3 till 3

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Asymmetrical Blue Pullover

Yarn: Vardhman Winter Shine Knitting Yarn
Needle no: 9
Quantity: 380 gm.

Front:- Cast on 64 sts and start working on cable. After knitting till 27

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The Colourful Pullover

Yarn : Vardhman Blossom Knitting Yarn
Needle No. : 8
Quantity : 360 gm.

Front: Cast on 100 sts and work in k2 p2 rib for 2

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