Pastel Pink Dress

Yarn: Vardhman Baby Soft Knitting Yarn
Needle No.: 10
Quantity: 220 g

Front: Cast on 110 sts and start pointal pattern. Then in every 8th row decrease 1-1 sts from both sides till 15″.

Back: Knit same as front.

Sleeves: Cast on 90 sts knit pointal pattern for 2.5″. Knit another sleeve likewise collect all the sts of front back and sleeves and knit for 2.5″. Then knit 2×2 rib border. Then decrease 30-30 sts in every 6th row and knit for 4″ and cast off.

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Orange & Turquoise Pullover

Yarn: Vardhman Pretty Baby Knitting yarn
Needle no. 11
Quantity: Orange : 150 gm. Turquoise : 50 gm.

Front :

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The Grey Pattern Pullover

Yarn: Vardhman Classic Crape Knitting Yarn
Needle No. 9
Quantity: Light Grey 200 gm. Dark Grey 50 gm. Off White 15 gm.

Front: Cast on 80 sts and work in K1,P1 rib for 2″. Work in for 10.5″ using light grey yarn and then according to chart work on pattern. After 2″, decrease 3-2-1 sts for armhole. After 3.5″, decrease sts at centre in round shade for 3.5″.Make small separate balls in each color. Twist yarns together when changing color to avoid holes. Keep 20-20 sts for shoulders.

Back: Work as per front and slip off centre at neck edge by 1″.

Sleeves: Cast on 40 sts and work in K1,P1 rib for 2″. Work in for 12.5″ and then according to chart work on pattern by increasing 1-1 st on both ends of every 6th row. Decrease 3-3-3 sts for armhole. Work same for other sleeve and cast off.

Neck: Pick up sts of neck and work in K1,P1 rib for 1″ and cast off. Join shoulders, set in sleeves and join sleeves and side seams.

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Baby Pink Poncho

Yarn: Brilon Knitting Yarn
Needle No. 11
Quantity: 200 gm.

Front: Cast on 270 sts and work in garter stitch for 2 rows Work in K6,P6 rib for 18.5 and cast off. Work in for 4″ for collar band and cast off.

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