10 Tips for storing your yarn!

Don’t we all love to buy yarn? Whether you need it or not immediately, it is very hard to not buy a yarn you’re liking in a yarn store, too tempting to ignore ordering yarn, when there is sale in your favourite online store…

We all knitters face this dilemma, and most of us give in to temptation too, but that’s the easiest part…buying yarn! What is difficult is to store and organise your yarns in a way that your house doesn’t start looking like a yarn store.

We have a few tips to offer for organising and storage of yarns, hope you’ll find them useful..

Tip # 1: Store your yarns in clear poly bags, neatly labelled, preferably in similar colours. Whites, light pinks, yellows can go together  while blacks, browns and deep reds can go together. Label your bags with brand/fibre-type/date of purchase.

Tip # 2: Store hanks and balls separately. We advise to store yarn as hanks till they are needed. Making and storing yarn as balls might stretch them out, so keep that in mind.

Tip # 3: Another way to store yarn is to store similar fibres/weights together. You can store pure wool, cottons, silks together.

Tip # 4: It is good to keep yarn that would be used in a specific season in vacuum sealed bags.

Tip # 5: Make sure your yarns balls are neatly made, and hanks are not tangled when you store them.

Tip # 6: If you have a pattern in mind when buying yarn, write it on a paper or take a print out and staple it to the yarn bag so you can recollect later.

Tip # 7: Clear plastic boxes are also great to store yarn, and you can stack them one over the other.

Tip # 8: Another good idea is to store all current projects (WIPs) together, in a separate container or polybag.

Tip # 9: Saree storage bags are great to store wool and silk yarns, as they are moth resistant.

Tip # 10: Make sure you keep your yarn stash dry and away from moisture.

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