Never run out of yarn when casting on…

Ever gone wrong with your estimate for yarn when casting on for a new project? Generally people either fall short of yarn during casting on a lot of stitches, or end up with a very long tail after they have cast on. Falling short of yarn leads to heartbreak when we have to rip apart the entire cast on and cast on again, and having a very long yarn tail leads to wastage of yarn. We promise you this would never happen again, if you follow this easy trick when you cast on for your next project…..

The next time you have to cast on, take two balls of the yarn for cast on, or take out both ends of a yarn ball, and make a slip knot with both strands.

Now with both strands of yarn, cast on the number of stitches you want.

IMPORTANT – When counting stitches, do not count the slip knot.

After casting on the required stitches, cut yarn from one of the balls. Knit the first row, being careful not to knit the slip knot. When you reach the slip knot, remove it from the needle and open the knot.


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Happy knitting!!

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