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Vardhman best yarns for amigurumi

Best Yarns for Amigurumi by Vardhman

The captivating art of amigurumi captures the heart and soul of everyone with its attractive designs, cute shapes and refreshing colors. In amigurumi, there is no limit on your creativity. You can create a wide range of stuffed yarn creatures and figures.
Some amigurumi art is a staple and has cultural significance. Most of amigurumi is for pure aesthetics and children’s play. It is by essence a delight to perfectionists while being an equally precise style of crocheting, which comes as a challenge to both newbies and seasoned crochetiers alike. Because it’s a slightly different art as compared to crocheting or knitting, finding the right yarn for amigurumi might be a slightly daunting task. There are certain attributes one needs to consider before choosing the right yarn for amigurumi projects. Each yarn has its own pros and cons which complement the toys and projects made using the amigurumi technique.
Based on composition, color, weight, texture and type, we have shortlisted some yarn that will help you achieve the best results. All of these yarns are exclusively available at Vardhman.
Hook n Loop Crochet Yarn
Hook n Loop Yarn 
Hook n Loop yarn is specially designed for crocheting projects. It is made with 100% acrylic and is 2 ply yarn. A fine crochet thread makes your project clean and smooth. Also, it is has an appealing gloss and is 100% washable and durable. It comes in 20 vibrant colors. 
A pure crochet yarn suitable for crocheting amigurumi, doilies, home decor, and accessories. 
UK/Australian term: 2 ply yarn  
Other terms: Crochet Thread 
Technical Specifications: 
  • Count (Nm) : 6/14.8 
  • Blend: 100% Acrylic 
  • Weight: 100 g ball 
  • Length (in mtr.): 300  
  • Crochet Hook size: 12 UK size (2.25 mm) 
Grandeur Jasper Yarn
Grandeur Jaspe Yarn 
Grandeur Yarn at Vardhman is a bestseller for its unique composition of acrylic, polyester and cotton. It offers a distinctive texture that helps bring your amigurumi animals to life. An Aran weight yarn and it is perfectly crafted for bringing out the artsy side in you. It comes in 9 different colors offering a unique grindle effect appearance.  
This jaspe cotton blended yarn is perfect for everything from garments to accessories to home decor. The yarn is available in the grindle effect color range. Suitable for both crocheting & knitting
UK/Australian term: 10 or 12 ply yarn 
Other terms: Aran or Afghan weight yarn 
Technical Specifications: 
  • Count (Nm) : 10/2/34 
  • Blend: 15% Acrylic / 20% Rec. Poly / 65% Cotton 
  • Weight: 120 g ball 
  • Length (in mtr) : 170 
  • Needle no.: 7,8 (4.50 mm-4.00 mm) 
  • Crochet Hook size : 6,7 (5.00 mm,4.50 mm) 
Cotone Knitting Yarn
This yarn has excellent drape and stitch definition. Perfect for year round garments and home decor projects. Cotton blended yarn for garments of every age category, home decor, toys, amigurumi, and many more. Suitable for both crocheting & knitting. It has 15 different and soothing shades to choose from. 
UK/Australian term: 8 ply yarn or DK weight yarn 
Other terms: Light Worsted  
Technical Specifications: 
  • Count (Nm) : 6/2/30 
  • Blend : 51% Acrylic / 49% Cotton 
  • Weight: 100 g ball 
  • Length (in mtr.) : 250 
  • Needle no.: 9,10 (3.75 mm-3.25 mm) 
  • Crochet Hook size : 8,9 (4.00mm-3.50mm) 
Buy it here:
Farrago Melange Yarn
Farrago Melange Yarn 
The Farrago yarn at Vardhman is the most luxurious offering for crochetiers and ‘amigurumists’. It is a semi cotton blend that is wonderfully soft and easy to work with.  
The yarn is blended perfectly and it falls right into the comfort zone. It is not too big and clumsy feeling. It is also not too small. It is by far, the best offering from us. With about 10 soothing mélange colors, this yarn is always in trend.  
UK/Australian term: 10 or 12 ply yarn 
Other terms: Aran or Afghan weight yarn 
Technical Specifications: 
  • Count (Nm) : 10/2/34 
  • Blend : 15% Acrylic / 20% Polyester / 65%Cotton 
  • Weight : 120 g ball 
  • Length (in mtr.) : 170 
  • Needle no: 7,8 (4.50 mm-4.00 mm) 
  • Crochet Hook size : 6-7 (5.00 mm,4.50 mm) 
Choosing the right yarn for your amigurumi projects can be completely subjective. You might already have a favorite yarn that works wonders for your projects. Sometimes, the pattern that you are attempting might require you to use a special kind of yarn that is best suited for that particular project.
If you ask us, be flexible with your options and explore your options gradually. Choose colors that brighten up your day and bring a smile on your face. In the end, be extremely proud of what you have made and rejoice in bliss. Remember to keep the spirit of yarn alive and relish every moment you spend with your yarn.
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