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Please reach out to us at / 81466-25292

Knitting diaries

  • Vardhman Knitting Yarn

    Things to Consider When Shopping for Yarn

    Knitting or crocheting is complicated as it is. There are several difficult terminologies that one might need to apply attention to. There are balls, skeins, knitting pins and most importantly yarn. Yarn on its own has hundreds of sub-categories for...

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  • how is crocheting good for stress

    Why is crocheting good for you?

    Several studies have taken place to extract the real benefits of crocheting. Scientists have been baffled to find out how beneficial a simple act of crocheting can be. Crocheting relaxes the mind, it is a stress buster and relieves depression. Crocheting can never be boring, It is a great way to feel productive.
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  • Baby Soft Knitting Yarn | Vardhmanknitworld

    Baby Soft Knitting Yarn

    Choosing the right yarn for your project is the first thing that comes to one’s mind before beginning to knit. The first and most widely asked question to us regarding our products is about the feel and finish of the...

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  • Famous Celebrities Who Love Knitting | Vardhman Knit World

    Famous Celebrities Who Love Knitting

    From 7 to 70, knitting is a pleasure to all. Once started, the activity of knitting can be a great stress buster. It can help one explore their hidden creative talents and teach some major life skills. It has also...

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  • How to crochet for beginners?

    How to crochet for beginners?

    If you have always been scared of knitting but wanted to learn how to crochet, you’ve come to the right place. At Vardhman Knit World, we speak the language of knitting day and night. We are here to assure you...

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  • Different types of yarn

    Different types of yarn

    Yarns are referred to different fibres spun together like strands in 2 ply or more to create a bundle. There are various types of yarns that are available to create various types of garments. Yarns come from 3 origins: Animal...

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