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Knitting diaries

  • How is Yarn Made Vardhman Yarn

    How is Yarn Made?

    As with the curiosity of the human mind, it is only sane to question everything that we come across. Today, let’s talk about wool and how it's made. The first thing you think of when you think wool is probably...

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  • Guide for Reading a Yarn Label - Vardhman Yarn

    Guide for Reading a Yarn Label

    Yarn labels carry a load of information when it comes to the likes of knitters/crocheters. Especially if you are shopping for yarn for the first time, you can be sure that everything you need will be printed on the label. ...

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  • how is crocheting good for stress

    Why is crocheting good for you?

    Several studies have taken place to extract the real benefits of crocheting. Scientists have been baffled to find out how beneficial a simple act of crocheting can be. Crocheting relaxes the mind, it is a stress buster and relieves depression. Crocheting can never be boring, It is a great way to feel productive.
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  • Turn Your Hobby into a Business

    Turn Your Hobby into a Business

    Did you know that women are the sole victims of so many ‘work-from-home’ scams in the country? It has been reported that more than 85 lakh women every year are made victims to the fishy, work-from-home data entry jobs in...

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  • Is Knitting A Stress Reliever?

    Is Knitting A Stress Reliever?

    With the amount of stress increasing in our day to day life, it is only pertinent that we discuss about stress relieving activities to counter the ill effects of stress. With knitting is gaining center stage in the recent times,...

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  • Baby Soft Knitting Yarn | Vardhmanknitworld

    Baby Soft Knitting Yarn

    Choosing the right yarn for your project is the first thing that comes to one’s mind before beginning to knit. The first and most widely asked question to us regarding our products is about the feel and finish of the...

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  • Halloween Knitting & Crocheting Patterns

    Halloween Knitting & Crocheting Patterns

    Halloween can bring about dozens of interesting and creative ideas for you to knit or crochet. Well-made articles can serve as a cheap alternative to expensive decorations in your house. You can find a project that can suit any corner...

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  • History of Knitting

    History of Knitting

    Finding the origins of knitting is one of the most difficult tasks for archaeologists and scientists. There has been evidence of knitting being practiced in several different parts of the world. It has taken humankind centuries to only somewhat trace...

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  • Different Knitting Patterns

    Different Knitting Patterns

    Knitting involves creativity, patience, and also sharpens the brain giving it enough exercise. It is a great activity to take up for any age group. There are many patterns in knitting and even the experts must not have covered every...

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