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What are the highest quality yarns

What are the highest quality yarns

When you’re planning on the ‘no compromise’ knitting/crocheting project, you only want to choose the highest quality yarn. While we generally prefer ordinary, over the counter yarns for our daily projects, it doesn’t hurt to splurge on expensive yarn once in a while. In fact, using higher quality yarns can also improve your skill and also help you create projects that you might be surprised at.

With tons of yarn available in the market, you have to be selective about what kind of yarn is the highest quality and the type that has been made with the utmost care. If you’ve ever held yarn before or knitted using a pair of needles, you know that no yarn is made equal and there is almost certainly a noticeable difference between each.

Generally, naturally sourced yarns tend to be more expensive than their ‘man-made’ counterparts for obvious reasons. It's simply impossible to meet the quality mother nature provides. Let’s take a look at some natural fibers known for their extensive quality and versatility.

Merino and Alpaca – Merino and Alpaca yarns named after Merino and Alpaca sheep are some of the most sought-after yarns in the world. They are famous for their texture, knit character and the general feeling of being draped in the luxurious fabric. They are a great choice for winter clothing because of their moisture wicking and insulating properties.

Cashmere – Like Merino and Alpaca, cashmere too comes from an animal. Cashmere comes from the hair of the Kashmir goat and it is touted to be the softest yarns in the world. It is also the most commonly used fine wool in clothing and is extremely adept at keeping you warm. Knitters usually tend to venture into higher end projects using Cashmere yarn because it can be dyed into any fashionable color without compromising on the quality. It is also flexible and stretchy making it an ease to work with.

Fun fact: Did you know that Cashmere wool has been the flagbearer of high-end fashion for several years?

Mohair – Mohair is always in the A-list when it comes to choosing the best yarns in the world. If you’ve ever walked into a high-end clothing store and held a winter garment and wondered how incredibly soft and glossy it was, it was probably Mohair. Usually, you can find mohair yarn blended with other materials like acrylic or silk so that you can make use of Mohair to the best while knitting. It is ideal for simple and even the most sophisticated designs.

Llama – The Llama also produces a fiber that is popular in the knitting world. It is characterized by a natural luster which keeps it a step higher than Merino, Alpaca or Cashmere yarn. Llama wool is one of the rare natural fibers that has a ‘hollow core’ (medullation) which gives it an exceptional weight-to-warmth ratio making it incredibly light yet unbelievably warm. The yarn also does not contain any natural oils or lanolin which in turn makes it lighter than its counterparts. If you are looking for quality, do take a look at Llama yarn.

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