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Knitting diaries

  • A Few Tips to Store Your Yarn

    A Few Tips to Store Your Yarn

    Okay! So, you have finally hunched on your gut instinct of starting a journey in the world of knitting. Congratulations! We are so proud of you! You must have already ordered loads of balls to begin your projects. If you’ve...

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  • Knitting for Beginners

    Knitting for Beginners

    Perhaps one of the most intimidating challenges in the world, the idea of knitting definitely sends a vibe of demotivation down your body. As scary as it sounds, we are here to assure you that only the idea of knitting...

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  • Different Knitting Patterns

    Different Knitting Patterns

    Knitting involves creativity, patience, and also sharpens the brain giving it enough exercise. It is a great activity to take up for any age group. There are many patterns in knitting and even the experts must not have covered every...

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  • What is knitting wool?

    What is knitting wool?

    Wool is the first yarn or first word in fact, that comes to mind when we think of knitting. Knitting is the method of intertwining and manipulating threads of a fabric type, referred to as yarn, to create a texture,...

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  • Different types of yarn

    Different types of yarn

    Yarns are referred to different fibres spun together like strands in 2 ply or more to create a bundle. There are various types of yarns that are available to create various types of garments. Yarns come from 3 origins: Animal...

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  • Which yarn is best for knitting?

    Which yarn is best for knitting?

    If you think that knitting is only a hobby for mother and grandmother, you are entirely wrong. Knitting these days is a widely favored activity amongst multiple households, genders, and ages. It is a deeply satisfying activity that can help...

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  • Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn

    Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn

    One of the biggest textile companies in the country, Vardhman textiles are a flagship company of the Vardhman group. We provide high-quality hand knitting yarns and yarn products. With an assortment of yarns in all the fabrics you could ask...

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  • Hand Knitting Yarn Manufacturers in India

    Hand Knitting Yarn Manufacturers in India

    Experience and excellence are two qualities the Vardhman group is known for, all over the world. With several manufacturing facilities that include over 1 million spindles, 1300 looms and nearly 30000 workers, the Vardhman group is a revolutionary icon in...

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  • Hand Knitting Yarn Online

    Hand Knitting Yarn Online

    Buying yarn in your traditional yarn store can be a delightful experience. Huge piles of yarn stashed over one another makes you want to grab each and every one of them to get a feel. Just looking at all those...

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