Vardhman Group - Leading Textile Company in India


Vardhman Group


Vardhman Group is a leading textile conglomerate in India having a turnover of US $1.1 bn. Spanning over 22 manufacturing facilities in five states across India, the Group business portfolio includes Yarn, Greige and Processed Fabric, Sewing Thread, Acrylic Fibre, Garments and Alloy Steel.

Vardhman Group manufacturing facilities includes over one million spindles, 60 - 65 metric Tons per day yarn and fibre dyeing, over 1300 looms, 115 mn meters per annum processed fabric, 40 tons per day sewing thread, 20000 metric tons per annum acrylic fibre, over 2 million shirts per annum and 1,25,000 tons per annum special and alloy steel.
Vardhman has evolved through history from a small beginning in 1965 into a modern textile major under the dynamic leadership of its Chairman, S.P. Oswal (Recipient of Padam Bhushan) His vision and insight has given Vardhman an enviable position in the textile industry. Under his leadership, Vardhman is efficiently using resources to innovate, diversify, integrate and build its diverse operations into a dynamic modern enterprise.
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