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10 Things About Cotton Yarn That You Didn’t Know

10 Things About Cotton Yarn That You Didn’t Know

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The most common type of clothing material we see around us is cotton. If not pure cotton, we find cotton blended fabrics all around us on a daily basis. It is essentially, a ubiquitous material of our everyday life. But did you ever think about what cotton is, how it is made or other things that you might not have previously known about the fabric?

Here are 10 things about cotton that you may or may not have heard before.

  1. Cotton is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. Archaeologists have found cotton seeds and the usage of cotton dating back to 450 BC.
  2. Cotton was once grown in different colors like purple, brown, orange, etc.
  3. A cotton plant is always used up completely making it one of the most sustainable products in the world. While the fiber is used as cotton, the seeds are used for extracting cottonseed oil. The plant stalks are tilled back into the soil after harvest.
  4. Cotton is not white in its purest form. The white cotton that we refer to, is produced by purification after the natural oils and waxes from natural cotton are removed. The purification also makes it soft and absorbent.
  5. Longer the cotton fiber, the better is its quality. Usually, Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are the most expensive type of cotton because their average fiber length can be up to 1.7 inches as compared to normal cotton which is about 0.7 to 1.0 inches. They are also softer to touch and retain shape over a longer period.
  6. Cotton plants usually grow for over 200 days. It is long! Really long. Usually, the cotton plants are planted in between December and March as they require a high temperature for proper growth. Crops are ready to harvest in Autumn.
  7. There are about 30 different types of fabrics in the world. Cotton makes up for 40% of global clothing market including every non-wearable item included. Fascinating?
  8. Cotton is one of the integral commodities that have changed the face of industrialization in several countries. It has had a profound impact in people’s lives, economic growth of countries, GDP and more.
  9. Khadi is made from cotton. It is the fabric at the center of the Freedom Movement led by Mahatma Gandhi.
  10. The cotton seed is one of the most durable seeds in the world. They can survive extreme conditions and still be able to be planted.

What do you think of these facts? Did you find them interesting? If you did, make sure to post your comment down below and let us know what you think.

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