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5 Basic Rules of Knitting

5 Basic Rules of Knitting

Knitting Diaries

Once you start knitting, you will realize that it is actually quite easier than it seems. You are not to blame if you want to master your skills further and experience the joy of knitting in its entirety. At one point, it is almost robotic with your hands moving while your eyes and mind are lost in your favorite binge. There is never a bad time to pick your needles and yarn to start knitting up quaintly.

Knitting is a wonderful escape from all the stress in the world. With the right guidance and a little bit of effort, you can reach unexpected lengths (pun intended) in the art of knitting. Here, we bring to you our five basic rules of knitting to help you on your journey.

Use good-quality yarn

To achieve anything good-quality, the ingredients must be just as good. A good quality yarn is the heart and soul of your project. Put proper care into choosing a high-quality worsted yarn to begin your projects. Keep in mind that good investment in yarns will give you a result just as good.

Choose the right yarn

Now that you have decided to shell some bucks for your yarn, it is equally important to choose a yarn that is ‘apt’ for your project. Since there are several different kinds of yarns and projects, you need to consider the pointers below before choosing your yarn:

  1. Consider what is the final application of your yarn. Are you going to wear it? Are you going to use it?
  2. Do you need a breathable fabric? Warm fabric?
  3. Do you need durability, elastic, smooth, heavy, light, absorbent, repellant, etc?

Also, consider the type of yarn you are looking forward to. Animal fibers like wool, mohair, cashmere, etc are great for cold-weather accessories since they have insulating properties. Plant-based fabrics have lower elasticity and are more breathable. Plant-based fibers are also stronger and more durable. They are also great for random accessories.

Read the clothing labels before you roll the dice on your high-quality expensive yarn.

Choose the right tools

Knitting needles come in all shapes and sizes. Your needle size depends on the thickness of your yarn. The thicker the yarn, the thicker your needles will be. As beginners, it is likely that you will start with worsted yarn. We recommend choosing size 6 or 7. You may choose thinner needles for lighter yarn respectively. Refer to this guide for proper dimensions.


Remember that if your needle size is too small for the yarn, your fabric might be too stiff with tighter stitches. If your needle size is too big, your fabric will turn out floppy and loose.

Practice before you begin

If you are referring to a project guide online, read the project through! Do not get super excited just by looking at the outcome. Read the kind of yarn used, the tools and techniques involved in the process. More often than not, there could be some techniques you may not be familiar with. Practice those techniques before you begin that project. There is nothing a little bit of patience and practice can’t help you achieve.

Keep notes

You must think that keeping notes of your project might be over-doing it. But, trust us, you need it. As you delve into a new project, it is likely that you will lose motivation, get busy, or just ignore the whole thing. There will come another day when you will regret your decision and decide to continue on the same. Now when you do finally decide, you need to remember what you had in mind and how you wanted to execute the project.

Write down these details: Name of the pattern, color, needle size you are using, fiber, alterations or modifications, where you left off and where you need to start, some miscellaneous changes, etc.

That’s it! These are the basic rules you need to keep in mind as you navigate the lengths of knitting. Do not fret over mistakes and learn to fix your mistakes. Do not discard away from your entire project for simple mistakes. Keep the project aside for a while and re-start when you feel better. Be fearless and keep knitting.

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