A Few Tips to Store Your Yarn

A Few Tips to Store Your Yarn

Knitting Diaries

Okay! So, you have finally hunched on your gut instinct of starting a journey in the world of knitting.

Congratulations! We are so proud of you!

You must have already ordered loads of balls to begin your projects. If you’ve been avidly exploring your world of knitting, you must have realized that it can be a handful to take care of your yarn and keep it away from messing up. It is important to keep things organized while you work your way up. Things can easily get tangled and disorganized which can later turn out to be a discouragement towards knitting.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get through while keeping your yarn organized and clean.

DOs –

  • Your yarn needs to breathe, so it is better that you store your hanks in breathable fabric or an open rack to also show off your collection.
  • Keep your yarns away from your children and pets. Yarn hanks or balls can be especially attractive to look at or play with. Trust us, you don’t them anywhere around your kids or dogs. It’s better that they are occupied in playing with one another.
  • Store your yarn in labeled racks/shelves or bags. You can separate them based on colour, type, or weight. Our recommendation: Use yellow cloth bags for yellow yarns, blue cloth bags for blue yarns, and so on…
  • Invest in an airy wooden basket like a cane, willow, jute basket that is wide enough to store all items for your ongoing project.
  • Keep your current project away from your back-up yarns.
  • Keep your yarns away from direct sunlight. An open wardrobe in an averagely lit room is completely alright.
  • If you have a project idea in mind and bought yarn for that purpose only, store that yarn in a separate bag. Staple a note of the idea you have in mind to that bag. This way you will not forget why you suddenly have so many new balls of yarn.
  • Keep your wardrobes/bags/shelves/rooms clean. Fabric is notorious for smelling like the area you store them in. Your yarn smelling like rat poop is the last thing you want.


  • Don’t be stressed by the idea that storing yarn is a big task. Once you find a place, you can store all your yarns
  • Don’t be worried about buying too many yarns. A couple of balls or hanks will take a lot of space. It may look like you are spending too much.
  • Don’t store yarns in plastic bags whatsoever. Storing in plastic may degrade the quality of your yarn with time. The integrity and feel of the fabric will be lost.
  • Don’t stash your yarn super tight. With time, they might not smell that pleasant. While snugly stashed is fine, super tightly stashed balls or hanks can degrade over time.

We hope that this guide can help you with how to store your yarn. Do not worry! As you keep knitting, you will run out of your yarn soon enough. To restock, you can visit https://vardhmanknitworld.com/ any time.