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Baby Soft Knitting Yarn

Baby Soft Knitting Yarn

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Choosing the right yarn for your project is the first thing that comes to one’s mind before beginning to knit.

The first and most widely asked question to us regarding our products is about the feel and finish of the product. More than 80% of our customers are looking for ultra-soft and luxurious feeling yarns to keep their knitting dairies going and when it comes to knitting for the babies or grandchildren, there is never a compromise in quality and feel.

Keeping all this in mind, we have the perfect product that your babies will appreciate to the fullest. We promise that once you see your babies in our Baby Soft yarn, you will most certainly have the glow of achievement  hovering over your entire body. We know how difficult that feeling is to come by, especially with extra-picky infants.

Fortunately, we use only the best fibers in our yarn that produces what is an incredibly soft yarn that is just about as perfect as your baby. Well, almost!

Baby Soft Knitting Yarn at Vardhman has been designed especially for babies and also to give their mothers effortless ease in crafting up soothing blankets, toys, sweaters, hats, cardigans and much more. You will be in awe for how quick and easy it is to knit or crochet anything with this yarn. For anything you craft, it is prized with a lovely stitch definition that will captivate your eyes from the very get go. With a texture unbelievably soft, you will find it extremely difficult to keep your hands off of your baby.

Now before you start wondering whether your  baby will keep your prized creation safe and sound, note that this yarn is 100% machine-washable. Since it is made with 100% acrylic, feel free to use your regular detergent and wash on normal settings.

Yup, that’s it. That sounds like everything that you would expect from a ball of yarn. Well, you’re wrong.

Additionally, the yarn comes in a wide range of pleasing colors that will keep your baby shining bright. You can knit up solid colors or mix up the colors to make beautiful patterns that define your child.

This yarn is airy and frill free, keeping your baby comfortable at all times. Let’s face it, babies have their own schedule and they are almost all the time clumsy.

The texture is also suitable for adults especially with skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, rashes, etc. The elderly will also appreciate the fabric.

Knit  anything you like or crochet something to make for a wonderful keepsake. The yarn also makes for a great gifting idea.

What are you waiting for? Head to to order te softest yarn for your baby. It is now time to grab your knitting needles and get to work on your favorite craft.

 Baby Soft Yarn – Price: INR 35

 Product Information:

Count (Nm): 4/13.8

 Blend: 100% acrylic

 Weight :25 gm ball

Length (in mtr.): 86.4

 Needle no: 8,9

 Needle no. (in mm): 4mm, 3.75 mm Rows :44