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Best Yarns for Knitting Blankets

Best Yarns for Knitting Blankets

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Blankets are some of the most commonly chosen projects by most knitters or crocheters. With thousands of yarn options available for knitting/crocheting blankets, choosing the right yarn for blankets becomes one of the toughest decisions.

Since winter is right around the corner, we have been busy preparing ourselves for the cold days and even colder nights. We are already equipping ourselves with as many balls of yarn as we can. Sorting through our inventory, we thought that it might be a great idea to help you narrow your search for the perfect blanket yarn for this winter. From the broad category of yarns available at Vardhman and the types of yarn that we have used in our projects ourselves, we have come up with the top 3 yarns that you can choose for your perfect blanket knitting patterns.

Vardhman Blanket Yarn

Made specially for blankets, the Blanket Yarn at Vardhman is a super soft light weight yarn that stitches up quickly and is best suitable for any kind of blanket you have in mind. It is a chunky weight yarn therefore it is suitable for advanced knitters as well as beginners. It is also available in a range of light and dark solid as well as printed colours.

100% polyester fibre ensures that you have the utmost stretchability and smooth feeling while knitting as well as after the blanket is completed. To get a better idea of why this is the perfect yarn for your blankets, order it today:


 The humble Bigboss is Vardhman’s top seller in all seasons. It is due to the fact that this yarn has been specially blended with acrylic and nylon to create the perfect balance between softness and strength. The unique blend of fibers makes it a super soft yarn and the durability makes it an absolute must have in your knitting inventory.

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 Wool Warm

 If you are looking for the warmest blanket, wool is always the answer. With Vardhman’s Wool Warm knitting yarn that is composed of 100% Wool will make your project undoubtedly one of the must haves in your collection. Wool Warm yarn comes from Vardhman’s finest spinning looms and turns any project into a dream come true.

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All these yarns at Vardhman come in an array of colours, sizes and have an excellent reputation for being some of the best yarns in India. Best of all, they add the most amazing texture and feeling to your completed projects. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert knitter, these yarns are perfect for any kind of project you may be looking to create this winter season.

Grab a ball of yarn, a pair of needles and get started. Order the perfect yarn for your winter blankets from