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Big Boss Knitting Yarn

Big Boss Knitting Yarn

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One of the secrets behind creating a good project is the choice of your yarn. It determines the crisp outlook and the feeling of your knitted garment. It also determines the degree of ease in handling your project.

Now, yarn comes in all shapes, sizes and types. You have the option to choose from hundreds of different textures, types, colours, blends, weights and so on. While each of them can have distinctive qualities of their own, there are some blends and weights that work well for most of your projects and some others which are an absolute breeze to work with. Without a stretch, these are the yarns you want to keep coming back to.

Let us acquaint you with an in-house best seller at Vardhman. This yarn is a signature to many and one of the most sold products at Vardhman. It is a perfect combination of soft and supple that gives your finished garments the most amazing outlook.

Bigboss Knitting Yarn

Presenting, Big Boss Knitting Yarn from Vardhman...

It is a versatile light weighted yarn that is appropriate for all projects from cardigans, caps, scarves, socks, to accessories and throws.

We’ve developed the Big Boss Knitting yarn such that, it pleases knitters and crotchetier at all levels. From rookie knitters to the most advanced of the lot will appreciate this yarn. It is a blend of acrylic and nylon that has robust structure and stitch definition.

Since it’s made with man-made fibre, it has several benefits as compared to natural yarn. Let’s quickly run through what benefits Big Boss Yarn has to offer:

  • Easy to clean – Acrylic and nylon are not at all sensitive to detergent. You can run them in your washing machine without any worry.
  • Durable – If your project requires an enduring yarn, look no further than Big Boss yarn. You can store it in any condition, wash it over and over without the hassle of degradation.
  • Warm – Just as well as cashmere or wool, it is super effective in keeping you warm in the coldest of nights.
  • Light-weight – Since acrylic/nylon yarn is made of synthetic polymers, it has a lower density than natural fibres. It is the perfect yarn for knitting large blankets that do not feel heavy when you drape.
  • Cheap – It is much more durable and longer-lasting than wool/cashmere at just a fraction of the price.

Additionally, Big Boss knitting yarn at Vardhman comes in a platter of soothing hues and bright pastels that are ideal for a wide range of projects. Once you explore the yarn, it is incredible how many projects you can do with it. It offers a great drape to whatever project you produce. It is endearingly elastic and recovers true to its size.

Knit up anything you like or crochet something to make for a wonderful keepsake. Big Boss Knitting yarn is the go-to yarn for any project you have in mind.

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