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Cashmere Wool/Yarn for Knitting

Cashmere Wool/Yarn for Knitting

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In the world of fabrics and yarn, cashmere is synonymous with luxury. It is a unique fiber with a soft texture that is unlike nothing in the world. It is literally as soft as a baby’s cheeks and is the most sought-after yarn in the entire world. Everything that you make with cashmere wool yarn will be an exemplary piece of sheer opulence.

What is Cashmere wool and why is it so expensive?

Cashmere is the wool obtained from the cashmere goat. Note that generally, wool is obtained from sheep. On the contrary, cashmere is obtained from a certain type of goat that is native to only the Gobi Desert and Central Asia. One can find cashmere goats in areas such as Mongolia, Tibet, Northern India, Afghanistan, China, etc. Today, the majority of cashmere is obtained from the Kashmir goat. The cashmere wool is much finer, softer and lighter than sheep’s wool. Since the wool is extremely fine and delicate, it is woven closely. This makes it twice more insulating than traditional wool. Also, the fact that the manufacturing of cashmere wool has been taking place in Kashmir and other areas since thousands of years, there is a heritage to this kind of wool which makes it more expensive than other wools.

Unlike other wools which are sheared, cashmere wool is combed off from the Kashmir or Pashmina goat. It is a heavy craft that takes a huge amount of labor and precious time. Combing only specific areas of a goat such as around the neck region or under body, the softest yield is what becomes authentic cashmere.

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Why do you need Cashmere?

Cashmere is the Rolls Royce of fabrics. It is characterized by unmistakable features that can only be compared with feelings of embrace. It is a prized fabric that is so luxurious that it adds a little something to your outfit every time you wear it.

Speaking of garments, you can knit up anything from cardigans, sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves, etc. using cashmere yarn.

Advantages of Cashmere’

The top most reason why cashmere is so popular is due to its feel and texture. It is simply unbeatable in its softness. Apart from that, it is an excellent insulator. Some cashmere wools can be up to eight times warmer than your regular wool yarn. The entire composition of cashmere fiber is such that it prevents air from going through the garment.

Additionally, cashmere is so fine and lightweight that you do not feel bulked up while wearing it. More often than not, a fret about regular winter wear is that it is just too bulky or chunky. If you feel such way, try cashmere. Being lightweight and flexible, it remains a favorite material amongst knitters and everyone else in the fashion industry. You can find a wide range of products made from cashmere in hundreds of different colors. It is incredibly stretchy and flexible making it a delight to work with.

Bottom line

Cashmere is one such fabric you can never go wrong with. Once you take good care of your cashmere garments, they will last you a lifetime. Cashmere ages well, just like fine wine. Although it seems expensive, it will outlast several generations out-paying itself through every wear. It is the gold-standard of yarns when it comes to knitting. Make sure to buy your cashmere from authentic sources to ensure proper quality. We wish you all the best with your upcoming project with cashmere yarn.

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