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Christmas Crochet and Knitting Patterns

Christmas Crochet and Knitting Patterns

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Christmas is around the corner. What better way to celebrate it than to cast on with your favorite activity?

If you’re unsure about what to knit or crochet this winter, here are some ideas for you. They’re great as gifts, decorations and wearables.

Christmas Angel

Vardhman Knitting and Crochet Yarn

It is a simple crochet pattern to hook up multiple angels with yarn. The design consists of three elements – the head, gown and wings. You will first need to crochet a ball like structure for the head. Then, with another color, hook up a gown (Imagine that you are crocheting a tiny hat). Then, refer to the image below and create wings with any other color of your choice. To finish off, sew the elements together. You can use the figure to decorate your home or your Christmas tree. Use thin or medium weighted yarn for this project.

Christmas Tree

Vardhman Knitting Yarn

A Christmas tree pattern involves layering several pincushion patterns over one other. Start with a wide pincushion first. Use about 10 rounds to make the base and the subsequently reduce the rounds as you go up. Start with 10, then 8, 6 and so on. Once you are done with all the pincushions, place them on top of one another starting with the biggest pincushion on the bottom. Sew them together and you have your Christmas tree. Use colorful yarn and add beads and other decorations to the tree to give it a more interesting look. You can later add this tiny Christmas tree to your actual tree.

Santa Hat

Vardhman Knitting Yarn

A Christmas knitting list without a knitted Santa hat is simply not possible. A home knitted Christmas hat adds a lot of fun to your outfit and celebration. You can choose the traditional red and white yarn or change up things as you like. Start with making the pompom and keep it aside. Then you can work your way from the tip to the ribbing changing to circular needle as necessary.

You can also create a fluffy brim on the hat by using a loop stitch.

Sparkly Star

Vardhman Knitting Yarn

What is Christmas without experiencing some stars on earth? You can make some glittery stars with just a little bit of yarn. For smaller stars, use thinner yarn and normal needles. You can work flat on straight needles or work around with double pointed needles. You can choose needles based on the size of stars you want to make. In the end, add some glitter or colorful pearls on the star.

You can attach these stars to your Christmas tree or attach them to your jacket/sweater as a badge. Welcome your guests by handing them a star of your creation as a gesture to welcome them into your pack.

Christmas Tree Garland

Vardhman Knitting Yarn

Start with any kind of green and brown colored yarns. Each tree is tiny and uses very little yarn. Start with green yarn for the top and size it approximately to the height of your middle finger. Make a triangular shape (V shape) like that of a tree. With the brown yarn create a rectangle to add to the V shaped hood. You can use a split-half double crochet stitch to create a leafy effect on the tree.

Make multiple trees and join them into a garland. You can add the garland over your Christmas tree or on the walls of your home. You can add beads, pearls, ribbons or even tie a string on top of the tiny trees to add some extra effects.

Christmas Mittens

Vardhman Knitting Yarn

You can either make mittens as ornaments and decorations or make human sized mittens to warm up your hands this winter. Whatever you choose, a pair of mittens will certainly add to the festivities of Christmas. Start with worsted weight yarn and knit in the round using double pointed needles using the loop technique. Add some interesting patterns like a snowflake pattern using different colors.

It makes a great gift or decoration of your Christmas tree.

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