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Difference between Amigurumi and Crochet

Difference between Amigurumi and Crochet

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Have you ever wondered what the actual difference between crocheting and amigurumi is? Perhaps they are both the same thing?

If you are trying to explore Amigurumi or the art of Crocheting, you’ve probably scratched your head thinking about the differences between the two. At the initial glance, they both seem to be the same, because you use the same yarn to make them both. Also, the end product looks completely similar. From a distance, it is impossible to tell the difference between the two.

To understand the differences between the two, you need to be an ‘Amigurumist’ or a seasoned ‘Crochetier’. Fortunately for you, we are both. And we are here to explain the difference between Amigurumi and Crocheting.



Generally speaking, there are several differences between crocheting and amigurumi. The most coherent difference is the definition of the two.

Crocheting essentially is a needlework technique that is performed using a crochet hook and yarn. Sometimes, it could also be other material such as wire, twine, fabric etc. The act of crocheting remains the same. The ultimate idea of crocheting is to create a project that is utilitarian, attractive or beneficial in some way. Some of these projects include blankets, baby wear, scarves, hats, tote bags, keepsakes, decoratives, curtains and many more. Crocheting is a technique used to complement other projects in knitting. For example, you can crochet an accessory and stitch that to your knitted garment to make it much livelier.

Furthermore, the art of crocheting comprises of complex stitch methods that include the chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, the half double crochet stitch, the treble crochet stitch, etc.


Amigurumi is a popular type of  art of knitting or crocheting stuffed toys. It is a Japanese word which by definition means ‘ami’ (crocheted or knitted) + ‘nuigurumi’ meaning a stuffed doll. The art of amigurumi involves the creation of an animal or a figurine that is aesthetically pleasing in the description of ‘kawaii’ or cute. Amigurumi is inspired from the ‘kawaii’ culture in Japan.

The main difference here is that amigurumi does not just involve crocheting. One can choose to crochet or even knit amigurumi. Also, amigurumi is just about making collectibles and keepsakes such as cute toys, animals and other fantastical creatures. Most hand knitted/crocheted dolls or toys that you buy online or see in handicraft stores are made using the technique of amigurumi.

Additionally, amigurumi requires simple techniques and can be done by anybody who wants to create a super cute toy for themselves. One does not essentially need to be a seasoned knitter or a crochetier. This is because most amigurumi projects involve simple expansions of the magic ring. The magic ring to amigurumi is equivalent to the foundation chain while knitting


Difference in tools

For amigurumi, you would require a small gauge crochet hook or hooks that are smaller than what you would normally use for that specific yarn. For example, if you are using worsted weight yarn and a 7-9 (US) needle size, a 5-7 needle size would be suitable for Amigurumi. This is because you will need to work your stitches extremely tight to prevent your stuffing from peeking outside.

For your crocheting projects, you can use a regular sized hook.

To complete your amigurumi projects, you might need to use one or multiple accessories like buttons, pebbles, leaves, etc. to bring your projects to life. Also pebbles help to distribute weight in your dolls/toys if you want them standing upright after completion. Since crocheting involves utilitarian projects, you might not need to use so many accessories.

Oh yes, you will need plenty of stuffing for your amigurumi projects.


In hindsight, amigurumi is a technique that focusses mainly on creating attractive projects and challenges the creativity of the ‘amigurumist’. It can involve both methods of crocheting or knitting. Plain crocheting on the other hand is done for multiple purposes and involves no knitting at all.

Each craft is rewarding and beneficial on their own. Some may prefer crocheting to knitting or to amigurumi and vice versa. Whatever you choose to take up, make sure to keep the spirit of yarn alive.

We hope that this blog post is helpful to those who are interested in knowing the difference between amigurumi and crocheting. We hope that this article gives you enough motivation to take up amigurumi as a hobby. If you like this blog, comment below and tell us what you would like to read about next.

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