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DK (Double Knit) Weight Yarn

DK (Double Knit) Weight Yarn

Knitting Diaries

With so many terminologies surrounding yarns, knitting and crocheting, the world of yarns and needles is a mystifying world of its own. Only those who have perfected their skill are the ones able to identify all the meanings and acronyms that one may encounter.

Over the years, we have expanded our horizons into the world of yarn by being avid knitters ourselves, by being able to have a platform of our own and by teaching fellow knitters across the country. Today, we will be discussing one of our favourite yarns: DK

What is DK weight yarn?

“DK” stands for double knitting. According to the standard, DK weight yarn falls into Category-3 Light Weight Yarn. It is thinner than worsted weight yarn and heavier than fine yarn. It falls in a sweet place between the both. Perhaps after worsted weight yarn, DK is the second most popular yarn category amongst knitters. It is most commonly knit on 4 – 5 mm needles and hooks.

Why is it called DK weight yarn?

Legend says that it is called ‘DK’ weight yarn because it is twice as thick as fingering yarn. Since knitting can be traced back to the earliest centuries when fingering yarn was the most popular choice for knitters, it is assumed that DK yarn is a result of spinning two 4-ply threads together. It results in a yarn twice as thick as fingering yarn, hence the name double knitting yarn.

What can I knit with DK weight yarn?

Two 4 ply threads mean that DK yarn is an 8-ply yarn. It makes for an extremely durable and versatile yarn that is perfectly suitable for any kind of projects you might want to do. Whether it is a delicate gift or a pair of clothing that needs to withstand wear and tear, you can blindly choose the DK yarn.

Often, the projects made using DK yarn tend to stand out more than its counterparts. This is due to the unique stitch definition offered by the former.

How to buy DK Weight Yarn?

The easiest method to purchase DK weight yarn is to look at the label. In some stores, you can see DK yarn written explicitly on the label. If not, look for the category. Not that DK weight yarn falls in Category 3 – Light Weight Yarn. Sometimes DK weight yarn is also called ‘light yarn’ or ‘baby yarn’. You can also identify DK weight yarn using the needle size. The recommended needles are 4-5 mm needles and hooks.

Nearly every project is suitable for DK weight yarn and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be a part of your knitting stash. DK weight yarn is available in a wide range of soothing colours that will captivate all your moods.

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