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Everything You Need to Know About Nylon Blended Yarn

Everything You Need to Know About Nylon Blended Yarn

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Depending on the type of clothing and the project, using different types of yarn in your project can turn out to be a perfect shot or sometimes even a disaster. Being avid knitters, our trigger-happy fingers always want to try out new things and especially any yarn that is easier to knit with.

Nylon blended yarn is one of the most popular choices amongst knitters when it comes to trying out new things. It is one such type of yarn which is either loved the most or hated the most. Either you are a nylon yarn person for life or you aren’t. There is no middle ground. Find out why Nylon Blended Yarn is such an interesting yarn for knitter/crocheters.

What is Nylon Blended Yarn?

Nylon is a man-made fabric made by synthesizing petroleum products. It is a lightweight, moisture wicking, breathable and one of the most durable fibers in the world. It is starch resistant, wrinkle resistant and shrink resistant. It is soft and dries quickly. Often, nylon is blended with fabrics that normally lack these qualities. Like one can guess, it is done to further enhance a certain fabric’s properties.

For example, natural yarn tends to be much less ‘ideal’ as compared to its synthetic counterparts. Solution? Blend with nylon or other man-made fibers while retaining the original fabric’s fit and finish but while giving it the strength, flexibility, stretch and other properties. Sometimes nylon is blended with other high-end fabrics to reduce costs.

Advantages of Nylon Blended Yarn for Knitting/Crocheting

It is common to wonder why blended yarns make any sense while knitting/crocheting because there are already so many different types of yarn that makes knitting a piece of cake. Here is a list of features that you might not have previously thought of:

  • Blending two yarns gives you the best of both worlds. When two different fabric types are mixed together, their best qualities get mixed as well. It means that you get to enjoy twice the brilliance in a single garment.
  • Some nylon blends like – wool/nylon, cashmere/nylon, mohair/nylon can be found at just a fraction of the prices as compared to purchasing its counterparts separately.
  • The end product is often a wonderfully blended mix of two fabrics and offers a whole new level of stitch definition, uniformity, characteristics and strength. Knitting and crocheting with high end fabrics becomes a walk around the park.

How to choose Nylon Blended Yarn?

In the world of knitting, you will find several compositions of nylon blended yarn. Make sure to read labels and the purpose of your project before you pull the trigger on a nylon blended skein. Read the fiber content (for example, 90% merino wool, 10% nylon), weight (between 1 ply and 14 ply) and total length in meters for the yarn.

Normally, nylon blended yarn is suitable for knitting/crocheting any projects you have in mind. From beginners to the most advanced knitters can be comfortable with nylon yarn without a stretch.

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