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Hand Knitting Yarn Manufacturers in India

Hand Knitting Yarn Manufacturers in India

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Experience and excellence are two qualities the Vardhman group is known for, all over the world. With several manufacturing facilities that include over 1 million spindles, 1300 looms and nearly 30000 workers, the Vardhman group is a revolutionary icon in the manufacturing of yarn in the country.

How do we do it?

At Vardhman, we always make sure that only the highest quality products are used in manufacturing. Over the years, we have perfected the skills that go into creating the highest quality yarn that lasts a lifetime. We’ve tried and tested to make perfect blends of fabrics that are especially comfortable to wear at any time of the day.

First and foremost, fibers are cleaned off of any impurities and other objects in various stages. Then they are strengthened and finally made ready to process spinning.

Spinning is a typical process which consists of twisting several strands of fibers together to create yarn. We spin small fibers by feeding them through spinners to produce the final product. This is a process that includes preparing the fibers for spinning and then finally combining these fibers and threads together to form yarn.

Several methods of twisting are used to create a product that is strong, high quality, and long-lasting.

Quality control

Did you ever wonder how we make the highest quality yarn?

Thanks to our state-of-the-art electronics and machines, we create an immense amount of yarn in a single day. Proper controlling operations, temperatures, speeds, efficiency, and twists that are intricately calibrated are some of the reasons behind our immaculate success. We have standardized quality control measures that make it a breeze to have even quality amongst all our products.

What makes a high-quality product?

  • The first and foremost quality of the yarn is determined by its weight. Our yarns are dense and full of fiber. They are decently heavy and light at the same time.
  • Our yarns have ample elasticity and loft, dominated by the crimp of individual fibers.
  • The length of our fibers is above average which ensures that the staple length of the yarn is well elongated.
  • Innovative spinning techniques make sure that the durability of the yarn is multiplied. You can easily test its durability by pulling the yarn.
  • Sourced from selective farms, our fibers are handpicked to provide maximum luster that leaves the yarn looking crisp and shiny.

Why Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn is better than other manufacturers

At Vardhman, our skill and stride are inherited directly from the age-old methods of spinning, felting, and crafting. With the latest technology and innovations, we magnify the quality standard and longevity of your everyday traditional yarns. With Vardhman, you get much more than what you see. With each order, we promise complete satisfaction, authenticity, and the highest quality. You can order Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarns online, at the comfort of your home and receive the products at your door-step. It is comfortable, safe, and hassle-free. You can refer to various links on our website to find exciting ways to make use of your brand-new yarn.

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