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How to Choose the Best Yarn?

How to Choose the Best Yarn?

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As we discussed before, different types of yarn have different characteristics that make a yarn suitable for your requirement. Based on its type, texture, thickness, general feel, etc. a yarn determines the ultimate outcome of your project. For example, the ‘ply’ or the thickness of a yarn will establish how your project will feel, its stitch definition, its drape and how easy or difficult it is to crochet/knit.

Yarn and your needle!

Choosing the best yarn will depend on a number of factors. To start with, the main factor depends on how your yarn plays with your needle. In a nutshell, you would use smaller-weight yarns on smaller-sized needles, similarly, heavier yarns with larger needles. If you’re a beginner, chances are that you always prefer the latter. But as you delve deeper in the world of knitting and crocheting, you will need to change up the aforementioned scenario. For example, you may need to use a smaller weight yarn on a heavier needle. Choose a yarn that comfortably allows you to do that. Best is subjective and you will need to experiment with several yarns to find your best.

Yarn color!

Art is about individualism and what you can create by yourself. It is a testament of your skill and creativity. One can normally choose any random color that might go well with the design. Once you grab your flow, there are sometimes difficult to find colors that are the key towards transforming a project from better to best. Remember that you ‘look’ before you touch. Yarn is only best when you can find it in your preferred color.

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Make a swatch!

You bought your yarn and now you’re all excited to begin your project. Stop right there! Once you start following your pattern, there is no way you can measure the tension. At times when there are more stitches per inch, this becomes even more difficult. Remember that tension depends on three things. One is needle, hook size, yarn weight and tension. If you are experimenting with yarns, chances are that not all quality yarns will give you the same tension, feel and texture. Make a swatch to ensure that everything works well. Then, begin your project and shine in glory.

Expert tip: If you have more stitches per inch than what the pattern specifies, use a larger set of needles or hook. Then, go up by one size and make another swatch. Similarly, if you have you have fewer stitches per inch than what the pattern specifies, go down by one size and make another swatch. Test the two rigorously to determine your best.


Ultimately, the best yarn for any project depends on the type of fiber used in your yarn. For example, if you are knitting a scarf, you might want to use a soft yarn like merino or cashmere. If you are just starting out or making a washcloth, you are better off with using cotton yarn. Just because there can be only a few projects you can make using high end yarn, do not substitute them for your everyday projects. Use simple and affordable yarn for everyday knitting/crocheting and high-end wool for special projects. Always make sure to consider the material and what it is being intended for.

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