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Is Acrylic Yarn Good for Beginners?

Is Acrylic Yarn Good for Beginners?

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While it's difficult enough to learn to crochet, let’s not complicate things by picking the wrong yarn. But, with so many lovely yarns to choose from, how do you decide which is ideal for learning? When you first start crocheting, here are some advice on how to avoid the wrong yarns and choose the best yarns for the job.

First and foremost, in the textile arts community, acrylic yarn has always been source of debate. You either like it or you don't. Acrylic yarn is a synthetic fabric manufactured from polymers derived from petroleum resources, such as crude oil and other ingredients which are not especially considered ‘eco-friendly’.  Many craftsmen will talk about the importance of synthetic yarns, while others may contend that the expenses outweigh them.

What is Acrylic Yarn?

Acrylic fibres are made from petroleum compounds that have been melted and stretched into long, thin filaments. The fibres are subsequently treated to achieve the desired outcome. Acrylic fibres can be twisted to different degrees of tightness, combined with natural fibres while spinning, brushed, chopped, and otherwise handled to make a variety of yarns.

In the knitting world, acrylic yarns' advantages appear to exceed their disadvantages, and they have become a staple of the crafts world. These yarns are simple to locate, inexpensive, versatile, long-lasting, and hypoallergenic.

Does Acrylic Yarn make knitting easy?

  1. Because acrylic yarn is a man-made fiber, it can be easily customized, including in terms of color, giving you virtually unlimited alternatives. Acrylics are colorfast and non-bleeding thanks to contemporary technology.
  2. Acrylic yarns can be found in a variety of places. Their low cost and ease of production make them the most widely accessible yarns on the market.
  3. It is much less sensitive to detergent and warm water than natural wool or cashmere, so it can withstand a standard round in the washing machine without shrinking or shedding.
  4. Acrylic fibres are extremely long-lasting, making them ideal for any project requiring a long-lasting yarn.
  5. Acrylics, unlike natural fibres, can be mass produced rapidly and inexpensively at a low cost. Acrylic yarns also have a long shelf life, making them simple to buy and store in bulk.

The Bottom Line

While being extremely comfortable and easy to knitch with, especially for beginners, acrylic line is on our list of highly recommended yarns for beginners.

Note that the perfect yarn for beginners does not depend on how easily you are able to knit with it. Rather, it depends on a lot of factors such as availability, dependability, durability, price, etc.

Acrylic knitting yarn is light, soft, and inexpensive. Of course, it's a matter of personal preference, but acrylic yarn, in our opinion, has its uses and shouldn't be disregarded, especially for novice knitters.

As the world debates whether acrylic yarn is good for knitting or not, we have made our decision. Ultimately, acrylic yarn is one of our favorite yarns to knit with and we recommend all beginner knitters to try their hand at acrylic yarn at least once.

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