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Is it easier to knit or crochet?

Is it easier to knit or crochet?

Knitting Diaries

Did you finally roll the dice on taking up a new hobby for yourself? Congratulations.

Now that you are exploring the world of yarns, knitting and crocheting, it is common to have questions about the same. You could probably be quietly juggling between the two arts while deciding to start with the one that will keep you motivated throughout your journey. Keep in mind that these are normal questions everyone would have before they begin. Even the expert knitter in your peer group and your knitting guru too had one day in their life that they were just as confounded about knitting or crocheting.

Before we begin understanding what is easier, let’s first elaborate both knitting and crocheting.

What is knitting?

Knitting is a process of continuously interlinking a series of loops of yarn using a pair of needles. It creates multiple loops of yarn called stitches in a line or tube. Once done, ‘knitted’ fabric consists of a number of continuous rows of interlocked loops. These loops are then intermeshed into the previous loop structure which secures the entire loop structure by locking the stitches suspended from it. This creates what we call fabric.

What is crocheting?

The entire idea of crocheting depends on creating a ‘chain’ of fabric. The entire creation is determined by the length of the starting chain by the total number of stitches needed for the rows of your fabric. Each stitch contains no more than two chains. There are basic stitch methods in crocheting like chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, the half double crochet stitch, and so on. A project of crocheting can be completed by combining these basic methods of stitching.

Now, the million-dollar question remains. While they both seem like similar activities, which out of the two is easier to master?

The results of both activities look similar. Both are extra-ordinary crafts that use yarn to make exquisite items. Although each craft has its own separate application, sometimes, one cannot tell the difference between a crocheted or knitted fabric. The difference between these crafts, however, is huge! They are similar, yet, immensely different.

Knitting is great for stitches such as sweaters, babywear, shawls, etc. Crochet on the other hand is great for projects requiring bulkier stitches such as hats, scarves, toys, figurines, etc.

As we boil down towards crochet or knitting, the ultimate difference can be extremely subjective. Each of these activities requires skill and application that is proprietary to that artform itself. Because ultimately, both knitting and crochet are simple methods of looping yarn together.

If you are generally a patient individual; prefer logical projects; willing to explore multiple patterns of looping and if projects such as sweaters, shawls, etc. excite you a lot, knitting may be the craft for you.

Similarly, if quicker projects are your forte; you are not afraid of making mistakes; are willing to randomly go up, down, and over; are not excited to learn multiple amounts of patterns; are interested in projects such as hats, scarves, toys, etc., crochet may be the right craft for you.

Whatever you choose to take up, remember that both are essentially manipulating yarn to create the desired project. They are both simple and easy methods with a wide range of yarns available for you at Visit and order today!