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Is Knitting A Stress Reliever?

Is Knitting A Stress Reliever?

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With the amount of stress increasing in our day to day life, it is only pertinent that we discuss about stress relieving activities to counter the ill effects of stress. With knitting is gaining center stage in the recent times, the facts and myths about knitting have begun to make rounds. There are all kinds of doubts about knitting being a legitimate reliever of stress and its actual benefits. Some have claimed that the activity of knitting is directly linked to laziness while the others swear that knitting has miraculous mental health benefits.

So, what is it all about? Is knitting a stress reliever?

Knitting is meditative

Knitting involves a constant repetitive motion that involves the knitter in a constant needlework that has been proven to induce a meditation like relaxed state in the brain. Several researchers have also said that knitting can effectively slow a person down when they are feeling overwhelmed, depressed or anxious.

Do you catch yourself profusely fumbling with a pen or just simply your fingers? Did you ever randomly shake your feet when you were anxious? Some of you must have felt these sensations or some others might have done something similar. Subconsciously, our brain involves itself in these involuntary motions to alleviate our feelings of worry.

The act of knitting triggers the same rhythmic, repetitive and relaxing feelings while voluntarily triggering happy hormones inside your brain. Once you get the hang of knitting, it is mostly about your hands doing the job. It is very similar to meditation, where you constantly try to keep your focus on breathing.

Keeps you productive

While all is merry about the repetitive motion of knitting, it most importantly makes you feel productive. Being lazy and unproductive is one of the greatest symptoms of stress. Sitting with your needles and yarn while knitting your afternoon away can result in beautiful outcomes that were previously out of your expectations.

The best part about knitting is that you can do everything else while knitting. Got a favorite binge on Netflix? Turn on your television and grab your balls of yarn.

Keeps you away from ill habits

Being stressed all the time can lead to other complications and mental health disorders like severe depression, over-eating, anorexia and much more. Knitting albeit a modest activity can overcome the battle against other grave disorders.

Therapeutic Benefits of Knitting

While we already spoke about how knitting can be beneficial on a regular basis, to manage stress caused due to day to day activities, there is another surprising benefit to knitting. Therapeutic Knitting is an activity assigned to you by your psychologist/therapist.

For people suffering from certain heart conditions or other issues like addiction, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Anxiety, Chronic Pain, etc. it is imperative to have some sort of stress relieving activity in their life. Knitting is one such activity amongst therapists that is advised to people suffering from these conditions.


All in all, knitting is a great solution for relieving stress of every kind. The truth about knitting has been proven by reputed institutions. Without further thought, you can make knitting a part of your daily life. It is an undisputed stress reliever with several other benefits. Get your hands on some knitting needles and yarns to begin knitting.

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