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Knitting as A Hobby During Your Pregnancy

Knitting as A Hobby During Your Pregnancy

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At a stage in pregnancy, it is important to take proper care of your mental health during pregnancy as your physical health. In fact, psychologists also recommend that one needs to take up hobbies and activities during pregnancy that have been known to relieve stress, be productive and maybe ultimately have a pragmatic purpose in one’s life. Apart from just keeping yourself worried about medication, diet, family, mood swings, hormones, anger, lack of energy and other issues, it is also important to keep your activities and stress levels in check.

What other method than knitting can help do this?

It is the most common and highly popular suggestion given to pregnant women. Rightly so, knitting alike, there is hardly any activity that suits pregnant women any better. Knitting is the laziest, longest and simple activity one can take up during pregnancy. You can sit with your favourite balls of yarn and knit your creations throughout the duration of your pregnancy. As an added outcome, you will eventually end up with a couple of hats, sweaters or blankets for your little one. What more reason do you need?

Although asking that question was a phrase of speech to assert knitting as a hobby, we know that you are probably not convinced. We know that you need a stronger push to get you into knitting. Agreed! Here are a few benefits of knitting that will make you pick knitting as an everyday hobby through your pregnancy:

Keeps you concentrated

There is something monotonous about constantly making stiches and loops that aids in keeping your mind focussed which is known to transform your brain into a meditative state. The repetitive and rhythmic motion helps you escape the world and relax into oblivion, without directly meditating traditionally.

Keeps you occupied

Keeping yourself free in pregnancy can mean unnecessary stress, emotional breakdowns and prenatal depression. This could lead to unhealthy practices such as binge eating, cravings and others. Knitting while keeping you occupied also ensures that you keep away from such practices which not only hurt you on the long term, but could also have negative effects on the baby.

Helps with sleep

There are so many old wives’ tales that are associated with pregnancy. They state that one should not turn from side to side during sleep, should not sleep on your back or just sleep only during certain hours through your pregnancy. These ideas are as mythical and superstitious as they can get. However, the funny part is that these myths could actually become bothersome during your pregnancy. This usually happens due to excessive hormones being produced during your pregnancy. An activity like knitting can help you keep away from such negativity and help you achieve a good night’s sleep. Or maybe a good day’s sleep too. Sleep plenty during your pregnancy, you deserve it!

Knitting has benefits that transcends good health, wellness and being. It is a super productive activity that you can take up during your pregnancy. Order your favourite balls of yarn at

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Till then, be happy and healthy.