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Knitting for Beginners

Knitting for Beginners

Knitting Diaries

Perhaps one of the most intimidating challenges in the world, the idea of knitting definitely sends a vibe of demotivation down your body. As scary as it sounds, we are here to assure you that only the idea of knitting can be hard to digest. The actual act of knitting can be much more relaxing. Once you get used to knitting, you’d probably never let it go. We swear!

There are so many techniques and projects that you can use to get started with knitting. We will take you through a few simple tips and tricks to help you embark on your voyage of knitting.

First and foremost, you need to learn what knitting is and how it is done.

What is knitting?

The process of continuously interlinking several series of yarn in loops by using a needle is called knitting. The process can be carried out through hand or a machine. Here, we will focus on hand knitting.

Let’s take a look at how you can begin with knitting:

  1. You will need a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting In most stores, you can find a set of needles that are especially packed to encourage the young knitter. Keep in mind that yarn comes in a wide range of textures, colours, weights and lengths.
  2. There is a different application to different kind of yarns. While some yarns are great for a couple of projects, others are not. Some yarns are suitable for beginner knitters and the others are better suited for seasoned knitters.
  3. Yarn is further classified into several categories. Here is a quick guide to get yourself acquainted with the different types of yarn.

  1. We recommend using worsted or category 4 yarn to start with. This yarn does have some weight to it and it is the most popular yarn amongst beginner knitters. Vardhman’s BIGBOSS wool ball is great for this purpose. Buy it here:
  2. Another main tool for knitting is the needles. While there are several types of needles, we recommend you to choose the aluminum needles/knitting pins as they give you the best control over your knits.
  3. Knitting pins are usually available in a set. The average needle set contains of seven different knitting needles with two needles for each size. Here is a short guide on how to choose your needles.
    Needle sizeDiameter
   Size 65.00 mm
   Size 74.50 mm
   Size 84.00 mm
  Size 93.75 mm
   Size 103.25 mm
   Size 113.00 mm
   Size 122.75 mm


  1. Your needle size depends on the thickness of your yarn. Thicker the yarn, the thicker your needles will be. As you will begin with worsted yarn, we recommend choosing size 6 or 7. You may choose thinner needles for lighter yarn respectively.


Some great projects to begin your knitting with can be hats, scarves, decoratives, pillow covers, and anything smaller in size. They are great for knitting with a heavy yarn such as BIGBOSS, Baby Soft, Hook n Loop, etc.

As you get habituated to knitting, it can be a treat to your creativity. We promise!

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