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Things to Consider When Shopping for Yarn

Things to Consider When Shopping for Yarn

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Knitting or crocheting is complicated as it is. There are several difficult terminologies that one might need to apply attention to. There are balls, skeins, knitting pins and most importantly yarn. Yarn on its own has hundreds of sub-categories for you to choose from. Based on your project, you can choose from different types of yarn, colours, fabrics and their combinations, textures and so on.

Before you are about to be put away from the idea of knitting, know that it takes just a couple of things to consider before you purchase your yarn. To help you choose the best yarn for your projects, we have put together this guide. Read to find out the things that you must consider before purchasing yarn for your knitting/crocheting projects.

Understand your project

Specific projects require specific kind of yarn. This may differ in the colour, feel, texture and the fabric material of the yarn. Sometimes you may also need to consider the weight of yarn. For example, if you are looking towards making sweaters, hats, scarves, blankets, etc… you may start from worsted weight yarn and work your way up. For most such projects, it makes no sense to use lighter weight yarns, unless mentioned in the pattern that you are following. Also think about what season you are making your project for. It makes no sense using cotton yarn to make a sweater. Do you think your project will need to be washed several times? Then choose machine-washable yarn. When you ask yourselves these questions, do think about your skill level. For example, acrylic yarn might be more suitable for beginners as compared to cotton yarn or other materials.

If you are a seasoned knitter, you probably already know what kind of yarn suits your hands the best.

Look for other projects

On paper, you can be 110% sure that the yarn that is in your shopping cart is the most ideal yarn for the project you are about to make. But, speaking from experience, yarns are different from how they look in an image vs. how they actually end up to be. It is most likely that you will be excited by looking at the ball and reading the description but it might not actually be the yarn that you are looking for.

For example, if you find a yarn online and you think that it is the one for your project, read the description properly and look for other, similar projects that have been made with the same kind of yarn. Compare real images to get a better idea at what your final product is going to look like.

Get your basics right

Before you even start thinking about knitting or crocheting, you need to understand some basic terms. Things like yarn weight, material, gauge, quantity of yarn in a ball/skein, care instructions, etc. is crucial information that cannot be skipped.

If you want to brush up your basics about yarn weights, read this blog:

It is most likely that the pattern you are following will contain instructions on how much yarn is needed for the project, gauge, yarn weight, etc. Read your pattern carefully before placing an order.

Read the label/description

Do not eyeball your purchases when you look for yarn. Read the label or the description of the product carefully. If you cannot understand it clearly, try to ask by either making a phone call or dropping an email. If you are in a physical store, speak either to the steward/stewardess or the manager to clear your confusion.


Do not get confused with the hundreds of options available in the market. At one point, you will be able to join the dots and find the perfect yarn that you are looking for. Once you get used to a couple of customized projects, you will be able to shed all your inhibitions. After all, buying huge balls of vibrant yarn is a pleasurable experience on its own. Remember to purchase yarn from reputed sellers and make sure that you are not being duped.

We hope that this guide helps you in choosing the right yarn for your project. If you still have any questions, drop a comment below or get in touch with us: 81466-25292 or

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