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Tips for Knitting in Summer

Tips for Knitting in Summer

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Being compulsive knitters, we need to be around yarn and needles every time of the year. The hobby is not just about creating utilitarian garments to actually use but a pleasure activity that is a great stress reliever. Most of us are certainly not looking for patterns that we knit in summer because we would most certainly knit up the densest blanket in the amount of indoor time we have in summer. At the same time, some of us completely pack away our yarn and needles once it starts getting too hot to knit comfortably.

As true knitters, we know the struggles knitters face during summer. Sitting with piles of yarn on your lap in a contorted position knitting away the dizziest of your daydreams might seem like a knitter’s fantasy but the reality is entirely different. If you don’t want to feel like a hot roast in the humid heat, we highly suggest that you follow the tips below to make your knitting experience a breeze.

Choose your yarn

Use only summer friendly yarns like cotton, linen, rayon, bamboo, tencel, silk, etc. They feel soft on your skin and do not give you any sort of itching sensation. As they drape against you in the process of knitting, they don’t trap heat and also feel cold to touch.

It might also be beneficial to consider yarn weight. It makes no sense to use thicker yarn in summer. Keep it simple and opt for lighter yarns like lace weight or fingering yarn. Even if you have a couple of balls of yarn around you, you won’t feel like you do. Just note that, you don’t necessarily have to stick to only a few projects suitable for lace weight yarn. You can knit anything that your creativity demands, but using a lightweight yarn.


Knitting in summers

Change your needles

Even in an air-conditioned room, it is highly likely that your hands will sweat. Metal needles and sweat just don’t go well together. Not only will that mess up your project but be completely deterring to even the idea of knitting in summer. We highly recommend you to try needles of different materials. For example, wood or plastic, which tend to be much more comfortable with sweaty hands.

General tips

Sometimes, a good air conditioning just doesn’t cut the cake. You need some sort of a natural air movement to keep things moving. We recommend using fans that are strong enough to give you some good wind but also do not mess with the things on your table.

If you fancy a drink, keep a cold beverage beside you to cool off while knitting. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated while knitting.

If the weather outside is cooler, set up a desk in your balcony to knit your stories.


They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Like so, if you really want to knit, the scorching heat is not going to stop you. You can follow these tips to keep yourselves cool while knitting this summer. Keep your spirits high and knit away.

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