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Top 6 Tips to Make You a Better Knitter

Top 6 Tips to Make You a Better Knitter

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No matter where you are on your knitting journey, there is always room for improvement. As knitting experts ourselves, we often hear so many things on a day to day basis that makes us better at our craft ensuring a smoother knitting process every time. 



Here are a few good tips that we have picked up over the years on your perpetual journey of knitting various crafts.



  1. Practice makes you perfect

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times by now. Here’s the 101th time because practice is the only key behind knitting/crocheting. A good practice of your skill, for at least 30 minutes every day will help you retain your muscle memory when you are not making anything. It is okay if you are not strictly making a project every single day. Just knit!

  1. Learn and adapt

Knitting and crocheting patterns have a language one needs to be familiar with. Although not as complicated as Chinese, it does require some learning. Do not blindly follow signs and abbreviations in your knitting pattern. Learn what they mean and make your own notes as you go. Take up a course in knitting or stick to the Internet. There’s knowledge everywhere. One needs to know where to look.

  1. Challenge yourself

Once you’ve got the hang of knitting, don’t stop there. We see so many knitters repeatedly knitting the same projects because they find it comfortable to do so. Go to the next level and take on projects that challenge your skill and teach you new techniques.

  1. Join fellow knitters

Knitting gives you a wonderful opportunity to meet and make new friends. There are Facebook groups, local communities and other groups that host a number of passionate knitters who want to take their journey forward with you. You’ll get to learn new things, share knowledge, get ideas and a lot more. 

  1. Make notes

If you plan on taking up a new project, especially one that you know will take several weeks, learn to make notes. Write down all the important information like the yarn name and brand (every brand makes different types of yarn), fiber content, colour, needle size, track of rows, where you left off and where you need to start. Also make a note if there is anything you picked up while working on the project. 

  1. Learn from your mistakes

You will make mistakes. A lot of them. As soon as you learn it, the better. What matters is how quickly you learn to undo your mistakes. Making mistakes is the greatest way you will learn more about your craft and become a better knitter overall. If you’ve made a grave one, let it be. Just rip the entire thing apart and start afresh. 

Knitting is not one of those cultures where you can expect immediate success. Knitting is an expertise learned over time. For as much as that matters, there is no perfect knitter in the world. Have patience with yarn and most importantly, with yourself. 

You will fall, you will fail but you will grow. Happy Knitting!

Do you have any tips for us and your fellow knitters? Make sure to comment below!

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