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Turn Your Hobby into a Business

Turn Your Hobby into a Business

Knitting Diaries

Did you know that women are the sole victims of so many ‘work-from-home’ scams in the country? It has been reported that more than 85 lakh women every year are made victims to the fishy, work-from-home data entry jobs in the country.

Mostly, this happens because cyber criminals leverage these aspirations onto passionate women who want to make an independent living for their own. While we keep ourselves vigilant through these scams, what if there were other transparent and legit methods of making money while at home?

Yes, we are talking about transforming your hobby of knitting into a business. Wouldn’t you agree that knitting takes a huge part of your life? Also, it is super fun and stress busting. What if you could do something to earn money for your craft?

With several decades of experience in the knitting industry and having a taskforce of over 27000 people all across the country, we have seen the thick and thin of women making a fortune with their craft and also sometimes being victims to cyber crooks.

As a nationwide conglomerate, we consider it our duty to share some of your experience with you to help you get started on your knitting entrepreneurships. There is a huge market for knitted crafts in the world. Both offline and online, people spend massive amounts of money in procuring 100% hand-crafted articles, garments or toys. Since every project is the result of man-made work, each knitted item turns out to be slightly different than the other. It adds a unique and precious touch to all your creations, which is the strongest selling point of your craft.

How do you do it?

Work your inventory

To sell from home, you need to have an arsenal of products at your disposal. One cannot predict what will sell more than the other. Hence, it is important that you knit or crochet everything that you are good at and take high quality images of the same.

Register your products

These days, with websites like Amazon, Olx, Quikr, Facebook, etc., it has become especially easy to sell anything online. To start with, create accounts in each of these websites. For amazon, you can follow the process here: to set up yourself as a seller. On Facebook, create a selling group titling your service. Add your friends to your group and start selling. You can use ad services in Facebook to help promote your group. As you gradually grow your online community, you will develop a family that will adore your hard work and keep returning for more.

Finally, you only need to upload the images of your craft and create a catalogue of the same.

Create your value

If your craft is a testament to your skill and hard work, it will most certainly sell in huge numbers. Use only natural dyes and make each garment/article to the best of your ability. It is fine if you cannot make so many articles at once. Remember that quality matters over quantity. Create a reputation for yourself and you will impress a lot of buyers across the nation.

Understand market trends

Not all of your craft might be a hit. The key to making profit is in providing what the consumer actually needs. Adapt to modern crafts or those that are already flourishing in the market to make yourself known. If people appreciate your craft, they will purchase all of your craft, even the less popular ones.

Keep these pointers in mind before you begin your entrepreneurial venture. We hope that your craft achieves the recognition it deserves. Goodluck.

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