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Vardhman Cotton Crush 100% Cotton Knitting Yarn

Vardhman Cotton Crush 100% Cotton Knitting Yarn

Knitting Diaries

There is a lot of information about cotton that you may encounter about knitting or crocheting with cotton yarn. Cotton is an extremely popular knit and crochet yarn due to its versatility, durability, ease of usage and availability. There are also different types of cotton yarns so that you can choose from different types of cotton yarns for each of your projects.

Due to its soft fiber, we at Vardhman enjoy knitting and crocheting with 100% cotton yarn. We find that it is easier, pleasurable and more convenient as compared to other yarns. Cotton Yarns offer excellent stitch definition and are great  for textured stitches. While knitting with cotton can be pleasurable for some, it may be quite the daunting task for some others. Cotton is a naturally curly fiber and tends to straighten out as you knit while ultimately leaving you with a sagging of the knitted project. It is also not elastic and one should be mindful about the amount of yarn you might need for a single project.

Since cotton is a natural fiber, it promotes sustainability and ethical fashion. Being a green company,  Vardhman encourages the usage of organic cotton and sustainable clothing materials that contribute to environmental betterment.

Today, we bring you a 100% Cotton Knitting Yarn that is a fabulous alternative to most of your everyday knitting and crocheting projects.

Cotton Crush 100% Cotton Knitting Yarn 


  1. Incredibly soft and durable
  2. Extremely soft to touch and lightweight.
  3. Excellent stitch definition and great detail.
  4. Comfortable to wear at any time of the year.
  5. Bright colors and contrasting textures.

Cotton crush is a 100% cotton yarn. Perfect year-round yarn to keep your knitting and crocheting skills up to date. It's soft and breathable feature makes it the No.1 choice for knitters and crocheters alike. Suitable for knitting and crocheting trendy apparels, home decor items, accessories etc.

Technical Specifications:

Quantity: 1(n)

Net Weight:  100g

count (nm) :  7.6/3

Blend: 100% cotton

Needle No.:  8-9, Crochet No. : 8-9

100% Cotton Yarn is great for a number of projects and actually becomes tougher with each wash. We encourage incorporating cotton yarn in your everyday knitting projects.

Vardhman’s Cotton Crush 100% Cotton Knitting Yarn comes in a variety of soothing hues so that you are not limited with what you can create.

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