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Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn

Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn

Knitting Diaries

One of the biggest textile companies in the country, Vardhman textiles are a flagship company of the Vardhman group. We provide high-quality hand knitting yarns and yarn products. With an assortment of yarns in all the fabrics you could ask for, we make your knitting dreams a reality.

Whether you’re a novice, a crafter, or just somebody that likes to experience new things/hobbies, we provide to you hand knitting yarns ranging all the way from wool yarn, blanket yarn, cotton-blended yarn, etc. Our 23 manufacturing units across 6 different states in the country house nearly 30000 committed workers shedding sweat and blood in an aim to provide the highest quality of yarn. Our facilities are equipped with more than 1.1 million spindles which enable us to produce a staggering 600 tonnes of yarn per day. Furthermore, we produce an unbelievable amount of fabric per year which is capped at about 460 million meters of fabric. To ease it all up for you, we make close to 5000 shirts every single day. Our workforce and our hard work are one of our greatest strengths.

Features of Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn Fiber-rich yarns!

In our stringent quality control measure, we make sure to keep your yarn as dense and fiber-rich as possible. Soft and supple, you will fall in love with our balls of yarn.


An assortment of fibers and colors

With an array of different fibers such as wool yarn, cotton yarn, blanket yarn, socks yarn, etc., it is very easy for you to choose your own favorite. Pro tip: Vardhman wool yarn is very famous amongst crafters all over the country. Get yours today!

Ideal for everyone

Knitters and crafters need a yarn that is up to their standard and should really enjoy the yarn that they interact with. For knitting that can take a lot of time, patience, and sweat, everything from its texture, weight, feel and color are essential properties. With Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn, you can rest assured and embark on your handmade projects in full faith and confidence.

Infallible customer support

The Customer-first approach is one of the secrets behind the Vardhman group’s endearing success. Not only do we provide you the highest quality yarn, but also give you tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your wool, cotton, or other yarn. With an interactive team of social media influencers, we even host events and competitions to motivate and encourage crafters and knitters all across the country. Follow us on Facebook for entries and other interesting content.

Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarn is delivered through state-of-the-art technology that is paired with passionate handcraft and a will to provide the highest quality material. With Vardhman Hand Knitting Yarns, you get much more than just yarn, but a promise of customer-first approach, authenticity and hassle-free shopping experience.

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