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Vardhman Wool Warm Knitting Yarn

Vardhman Wool Warm Knitting Yarn

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Finally, the winter holidays are just around the corner. It is sure to bring some warm memories with friends and family. It is a time to curl up in your favorite blanket and sit by the fireplace while enjoying your favorite tea. With all the good times, winter also brings you a huge amount of free time so that you can complete all the projects you’ve been waiting to finish since a long time. Obviously, it also gives you numerous opportunities to take up newer, more endearing projects to try.

When choosing yarn during the winter season, it's always great to choose those that will make your winter more enjoyable. Yarn and knitting might be the last thing you want to spoil your wintertime with. The ideal winter yarn must be easy to work with, come in a wide variety of colors and be able to customize such that your projects almost make themselves.

Although it's not winter just yet, you can get a head start on your cold weather knitting projects. And if you are as excited as us, it’s probably already too late to start shopping for winter knitting yarn. Sometimes, one may be too excited that the number of projects you have lined up for the ‘perfect’ knitting time of the year may seem quite overwhelming.

Vardhman Wool Warm Knitting Yarn

Presenting Vardhman Wool Warm Knitting Yarn for all the amazing winter knitting projects you’ve been wanting to lay your hands on.

Vardhman’s Wool Warm Knitting yarn is a specialty 100% pure Merino Wool yarn that is arguably the best type of yarn one can purchase for winter knitting. It has been designed to make not only your projects beautiful but also to make crafting more enjoyable and warming.

For one thing, Merino wool is known for its delightfully soft feel and finish. It is exquisitely versatile and is suitable for any kind of winter project. Sourced directly from the breeders of Merino Sheep, Vardhman’s Wool Warm Knitting yarn is the most luxurious Merino wool that is exclusively available online.

While Merino Wool is already quite famous for being one of the best winter yarns in the world, it is worth mentioning these qualities:

  • Extremely Soft – Considered to be one of the world’s softest fibers. As compared to other wools, Merino wool is not at all prickly.
  • Natural – It is a 100% natural yarn that is biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Odour – On the contrary, Meri Wool is more effective at removing unpleasant odours and the chemical composition neutralizes bodily odours.
  • Sweat/Moisture – Merino Wool is breathable, thus, making it an amazing choice even for summers. It removes sweat and releases it into vapor.

Vardhman Wool Warm Knitting Yarn – Price: INR 180

100% Pure Merino wool yarn is a great choice for creating the coziest garments, accessories, blankets, or even home decor. Suitable for both knitting and crocheting.

DK weight or Light Worsted.

Technical Specifications:

Count (Nm): 4/8

Blend:100% Wool

Weight: 100g ball

Length (in mtr.): 205

Needle no.: 7,8 (4.50 mm-4.00 mm)

Crochet Hook size: 7,8 (4.50 mm-4.00 mm)

Rows: 24

Stitch: 20

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