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What are the advantages of knitting?

What are the advantages of knitting?

Knitting Diaries

Knitting is one of those sleeper activities which most often seems like an utter waste of time. It sounds like an activity for couch potatoes or those individuals who cannot possibly do anything productive in their life.


You will be surprised to realize that knitting is remotely none of those. Not only is it a super fun activity but it also has benefits beyond the reach of common knowledge. It has been known to kickstart literacy, stimulate your mind, beat stress and much more.

It is a seemingly innocuous artwork that enkindles many positive changes in your body. According to us, it is the ultimate activity you can take up, to nourish both your mind and body. It is the ultimate pastime that is both joyous and utilitarian at the same time.

Advantages of knitting

Read to find out what the advantages of knitting are:

Stress relieving

In a stressful life, we all must accustom ourselves to one or many stress relieving activities. It can help us feel relieved and enable us to carry on our day-to-day activities with much more energy. Knitting has been proven to have therapeutic elements that can effectively reduce stress and help beat the negative elements of stress.

Makes us feel productive

If you are knitting, it is highly likely that you will end up with some piece of clothing or article that can serve a utilitarian purpose. The activity will leave you with an award that you can proudly claim for the rest of your life. You can hang it on a wall showcasing your talent, use it for its purpose or gift it to your loved ones. Whatever you do, you will be left in amazement upon yourself which will make you feel productive.

Improves memory and concentration

The act of knitting stimulates your mind in such a way that you are forced to retain memory and carefully exercise your next knit. For example, you need to vitally keep check of what color comes next and the number of rows your pattern requires during the time of knitting. The craft of knitting forces your mind to rely on its memory centers for processing.

Reduces anxiety

Knitting as a craft contains several rhythmic and repetitive motions which sort of help you achieve a meditation like state while you are knitting. It sends you into a tranquil state where you are simply existing and not thinking about the past or fretting about the future. It is a great activity for someone suffering from anxiety or other mental illnesses like depression.

Advantages of knitting

Knitting is not expensive

Knitting requires minimal equipment which are easily available. Anybody can get started on knitting since one requires a couple of needles and yarn. You can find high-quality yarn in your local departmental store or even purchase yarn online.

Knitting is simple

Although it might not seem so, once you get the hang of knitting, your fingers will be programmed to the twists and turns you need to make to knit a piece of fabric. This is called reflex memory or muscle memory which enables you to knit anything almost automatically. Your hands and fingers will do the job without you putting any conscious effort into the craft. Try it! It really works!

Anybody can knit

Knitting is an activity that is suitable for individuals of any age. From children under 5 to grandmothers and grandfathers over 70 can attempt their hand at knitting.

Knitting builds relationships

Once you begin your journey of knitting, you can explore others with similar hobbies like that of yours. Knitting is a great conversation starter and an equally great reason to expand your social circle. You can find local groups in your community or find fellow knitters on Facebook and other social networking sites. It is a medium to develop healthy friendships and build relationships.

Escape for the mind

According to us, knitting provides the ultimate bliss to the mind. At the same time, your hands have something to do. Almost every time, you will have some byproduct that has a purpose of its own. The journey of knitting is personal and unique to that knitter. It is more than just a hobby. It is a portrayal of one’s excellence and talent. It is a method of expression for those of us who would prefer art over word.

We hope that you can relate to these advantages of knitting. What other advantages do you think knitting offers? Comment below.

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