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What Is Amigurumi?

What Is Amigurumi?

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The fancy term ‘Amigurumi’ is used everywhere nowadays. The developing world is, with the day, learning to appreciate art and especially hidden ones like Amigurumi. For seasoned crochetiers, the term may not be that strange. Anyway, we’re glad that you made your way to this blog post today. Let’s explore our interests together and learn more about what Amigurumi is and why it is making ripples in the world of knitting.

‘Amigurumi’ is a Japanese word that directly translates to ‘knitted or crocheted stuffed animal’. It is a unique and creative art form that allows the knitter or crochetier to create any object of their choice. You will find that most information about Amigurumi speaks about crocheted dolls. This is because Amigurumi, or the whole idea of stuffed dolls, seems to be sensible for crocheting because it creates a much thicker and tighter end result. It is, for the most part of it, absolutely true. Amigurumi is famous mostly among the crochetier folklore for obvious reasons. However, you can also knit Amigurumi.

Where did it start from?

It is said that the trend of Amigurumi originated in Japan around the 1970s. It is directly associated with the ‘kawaii’ (cute) culture that is one of the most iconic stories about Japan. Attractive cartoon, creative video games and now Amigurumi. It soon became an instant hit all over the world as it requires very few materials to get started.

Today, thanks to YouTube and other social media, the craze has been taking off more than ever.


How can I do Amigurumi?

Most starters confuse the word ‘Amigurumi’ with a difficult technique of crocheting or knitting to create a project. The idea of Amigurumi is simple. Amigurumi is nothing but crocheted or knitted stuffed toys. In fact, Amigurumi toys are some of the cutest of all. The art is perhaps the most rewarding of all crocheting projects.

You require only a few materials to get started with Amigurumi. Starting obviously with yarn, you will require a hook or double-pointed needles that is smaller than what you usually use for that specific yarn. For example, if you are using worsted weight yarn and a 7-9 (US) needle size, a 5-7 needle size would be suitable for Amigurumi. This is because you will need to work your stitches extremely tight to prevent your stuffing from peeking outside. Oh yes, did we mention that you would require a fair amount of stuffing too? Lastly, a yarn needle will also help you apply final touches.

Additionally, you can also use accessories like plastic buttons, plastic noses, etc. to give a lively feel to your projects.

Is it easy?

For one, every craft includes a degree of difficulty. Once you pass such a stage, there is no stopping you. Although some may argue that Amigurumi is difficult, we think that it is extremely easy.  To begin with Amigurumi, you only need to create something called a magic ring (magic circle). You can then work your way from there. You can start with easy projects like an apple, penguin, tortoise and then gradually develop into making more complicated patterns. Just with a few simple stitches, you can make a surprising number of projects.

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