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What is the best brand of knitting yarn?

What is the best brand of knitting yarn?

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Finding the best brand of knitting yarn is a huge determining factor in the outcome of your project or simply the entire experience of your knitting adventures. While you need different yarns and different materials to successfully finish any project on your wish-list, it is always good to keep close to a brand that eases the process of knitting making your project an enjoyable experience.

In the same way that you want the softest yarn for all your projects, along with a gentle texture and extra quality that sets it apart from other options in the market, there are three types of mainstream yarns that help you achieve the best overall look. Here are a few top sellers from Vardhman that, through their inelasticity and resilience, help you unravel mistakes and achieve integral worthy stitch definition.

What is the best brand of knitting yarn?Vardhman Hook n Loop Crochet Yarn

Crocheters wanting to stock up on yarn for any kind of projects should look nowhere as Vardhman’s Hook N Loop yarn is the right choice. It comes in  gorgeous platter of soothing colours and incredibly soft textures that produce picturesque clothing and home decor items for beginner and advanced knitters alike.

Hook n Loop Crochet Yarn - A pure crochet yarn suitable for crocheting amigurumi, doilies, home decor and accessories.

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Cotone Knitting Yarn

This truly funky, ultra-soft cotton and acrylic blended yarn loved by all knitters is probably the most versatile yarn that you can buy in India. With a dozen of solid and pastel colours to choose from, it boasts of an incredibly luxurious sheen that will help you achieve beautiful and intricate stitch definitions for any application that you choose.

It is an affordable cotton blended yarn that can be easily cared for and retains its colour and structure after several washes.

Cotone Knitting Yarn - Excellent drape and stitch definition. Perfect for year-round garments and home decor projects.

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Farrago Melange Yarn

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the fun and fluffy Farrago Melange Yarn of Vardhman. For those knitters that have a hard time settling on the gradients you want to use in your project, the Farrago Melange yarn offers a vibe that will make any of your project sing carols. It is an easy to grab ball of yarn that we recommend to any every knitter. Whether it’s a smoke hand warmer, a cardigan or a hat, get yourselves some Farrago Melange yarn and you won’t regret it.

Farrago Melange Yarn - Calm and soothing melange colours that are perfect for menswear, womenswear, amigurumi, home decor. A durable and comfy cotton blended yarn that is always in trend.

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If you want a yarn without thinking too much or fussing about the outcome of your project, these yarns from Vardhman will always cut the deal for you. However, you may have a favourite yarn that is best suited to your knitting style. In the end, feel free to choose a yarn that works for you. Often, you can also find the type of yarn you need in the knitting pattern that you are referring to.

What do you think of this list? Did we miss your favourite yarn? Do you have one that triumphs our list? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below.