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What Is the Best Yarn for Crocheting?

What Is the Best Yarn for Crocheting?

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Once you’re immersed into the word of crocheting, there is no turning back. You want to learn more about the craft and how you can better your skill. There a lot of information surrounding the art of crocheting. Today, let’s speak about the best yarn for crocheting. This will ensure that you pick up the right yarn when you go shopping.

First and foremost, you need to understand what yarn is all about. In a nutshell, a spun thread which is developed for knitting, sewing, weaving or in our case crocheting, is called yarn. Different kind of fibers make different kind of yarns. Each yarn comes in a set of weights and colors. Each yarn also has its own properties that are distinctive to the other.

Types of yarn for crocheting

Basically, there are a few types of yarn that suit the art of crocheting over the other. No, we are not saying that there are specialty yarns meant for crocheting but that some fair better over the others. For beginners especially, the fiber is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to choosing the best yarn for crocheting. This depends on your skill level and what kind of a project you are looking to make.

If you want something that would remain in your possession over a very long period of time, you would need something that is durable, super-strong and machine-washable. Acrylic is something to choose if you want such a yarn. Additionally, you can also choose cotton and some blends.

If you want to make a project that is ultra-soft and makes you feel like a baby whenever you touch/wear it, then you’re better off with using expensive higher quality yarn. Usually, these yarns are tough to maintain and wear over time if you do not care for them properly. Look for high end wools and silks for this kind of project.

For every other kind of project, usually, you can pick from cottons, blends, acrylics, etc. It does not matter since these fibers hold up to anything that is put at them. There are just so many different types of yarns that we cannot tell you what’s best and what’s not. It depends on what suits you the most.

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Yarn Weights

As mentioned previously, yarns have different thicknesses. You can find this information on the yarn label. The thickness will be usually numbered from 1-7 (from the thinnest to the thickest). Depending on the pattern of your project, you can choose from what is the most suitable. Starters fair well while working with worsted weight yarn which is usually size 4-5. Through the learning phase, some may develop a preference to thicker yarn or thinner yarn based on what they’re comfortable with. Do not be afraid to explore and settle with what works best for you.

Some more tips

  • Do not think that costlier the yarn, the better it is. The prime may vary significantly but this does not mean that one is better over the other. What is the use of expensive yarn when it is not put to good use?
  • Start with lighter colored yarn so that it is easier for you to follow your stitches. Darker colored yarn may obscure your vision and leave you in a frustration.
  • Choose smoother yarn over textured yarn. Texture does not mean rigidity or grip.

Before you start finding the best yarn, remember that best depends on how well you are able to perform with a kind of yarn. In hindsight, you can crochet with just about any kind of yarn in the world. We guarantee that you will eventually find the yarn that is best. Until then, have fun.

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