What Is the Best Yarn for Summer Knitting?

What Is the Best Yarn for Summer Knitting?

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With the pandemic still soaring borders, leisurely vacations are far from happening. All your vacation plans are bound to be one of those Goa plans with your friends that never happen. Its summer already and you’re probably wondering what your pastime is going to be. If you’re a hardcore knitter like us, it is highly likely that all you want to do this summer is be locked in your room with your favorite needles and a huge collection of yarn. At the same time, you must be contemplating how knitting makes sense because the time for snuggly hats and cozy blankets is over.

Guess what? Just because it is summer, you don’t have to sacrifice on your most favorite hobby. Did you really think that we were going to leave you alone is these desolate times?

We guarantee that you will be able to pursue your esteemed hobby and make freezy-breezy garments all throughout this season.

With research and our experience, we have brought to you the best yarns for summer made with super light fibers that will keep you cool and comfortable. For the record, we are not putting these yarns in any order as they are all equally best for your summer knitting diaries.

Cotone Knitting Yarn – It is a blended yarn that is made with 51% Acrylic and 49% cotton. Mainly it is cotton with a touch of acrylic that makes it super soft to touch and helps hold up your projects beautifully. Use it to knit a cool summer top, throw or a tee. It comes in a range of cool summer colors that you can use to knit or crochet both.

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Cotton Plus Knitting Yarn - The plus denotes its super bulky size. It is an awesome yarn for those larger summer projects that have great shape and structure. Blended with 55% Acrylic and 45% Cotton, it is so amazingly soft that you will want to lay amidst the balls of this yarn all day. With subtle beiges and blues, you are definitely going to have so many ideas in mind.

Buy it here: https://vardhmanknitworld.com/products/cotton-plus-knitting-yarn

Farrago Melange Yarn – This one is an in-house favorite at Vardhman. It is a beautiful afghan weight yarn composed of 15% Acrylic, 20% Polyester, and 65%Cotton. It’s a completely cotton yarn with the added strength of acrylic and polyester. It comes in a range of neutral colors which are perfect for almost anything you want to knit.

Buy it here: https://vardhmanknitworld.com/collections/balls/products/farrago

Arm yourselves with these super comfy blended yarns for this summer and don’t forget to follow our summer knitting tips to have a chilly knitting season this summer.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this blog. For more, visit our knitting diaries here: https://vardhmanknitworld.com/blogs/knitting-diaries