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Why is crocheting good for you?

Why is crocheting good for you?

Knitting Diaries

Crocheting and knitting were initially considered simple utilitarian tasks for people with lots of free time to do something useful. It was a great task for old people to put their time to use by making warm clothing, blankets or toys.

With time however, the trends changed. Crocheting soon became much more than a frenzy of the old but a craft with endless possibilities. Yes, you read that right. You can basically crochet anything and everything. Once you put your mind towards the artform and learn 3 to 4 basic crochet stitching techniques, you can make several items in a repetition of the same stitch or a combination of several stitches.

If we were to talk about the benefits of crocheting, oh there are so many! But really, how good is crocheting for you?

Several studies have taken place to extract the real benefits of crocheting. Scientists have been baffled to find out how beneficial a simple act of crocheting can be.

Benefits of Crocheting

Relaxes your mind

The repetitive and continuous stitching transforms the mind into a sort of a mindfulness that is very similar to meditation. Without actually meditating the traditional way, you are reaping the benefits of meditation through crocheting. If you are somebody that has failed repeatedly on your resolution to start meditating, you should probably allow yourselves to try crocheting.

Stress buster!

The dangerous side effects of stress are no new story. We are all very well aware of the implications of being stressed all the time. To combat stress, we indulge into sport, reading, swimming, etc. However, for those that want to change up things and do something more exciting, crocheting might be the activity for you.

Relieves depression

Depression is a real illness that has seen the worse of several people. In an illness that debilitates your ability to go out and carry out your day to day activities, crocheting while sitting in your favorite chair might be the way to go. You can also explore multiple designs and colours that will help you feel refreshed. Also, while crocheting, you will end up with beautiful crafts that will make you feel productive.


We all love that feeling of accomplishment. Right when you finish your document, task or project. Damn! The endorphins! Also, unlike other sober activities like finishing that excel sheet or completing that article, while crocheting, you have so many colors and possibilities that will keep you hooked to the activity no matter what. Crocheting can never be boring. It is a great way to feel productive.

Communal harmony

It is rare but extremely satisfying to have a friend with the same hobbies as you. While crocheting, you can find your crochet friend and share your crafts and ideas with one another. Infact, there are multiple communities of crocheters in Facebook that cheer one another. You can put up your ideas, discover and learn in a community.

Benefits of Crocheting

Hobby into business

If you think you are good at your craft, you can even consider selling your art. It might be a quick way to earn a few bucks on the side. Checkout websites that allow you to sell your craft. You can also join Facebook groups that allow you to sell/buy handmade articles.

 To be honest, there are many more benefits to crocheting than what has been mentioned here. Apart from being a classic skill and an undisputed method of creativity and expression, crocheting has multiple mental, physical and emotional benefits. If you are a crocheter already, you know what we are talking about. If you are into crocheting already, we hope that this article keeps you hooked to the rewarding craft. If you are just starting out, we hope that this article can get you motivated for your journey.

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