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Why Knitting Should Be Your Next Hobby

Why Knitting Should Be Your Next Hobby

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The 21st century life is about being incredibly practical, productive and pragmatic. In the hustle and bustle of life, we want to do everything that is always beneficial and rewarding. Moreover, in a connected world, there are so many hobbies one can choose for themselves. Therefore, when you look at knitting from such a point of view, the idea may seem worthless and mundane.

Well, we’d like to state that you are wrong. Only reason you hear banalities about knitting is due to the stereotype and stigma associated with knitting which trademarks the activity as a pastime for senior citizens and lazy couch potatoes. However, knitting is much more than that and can teach you more than you could ever think.

Allow us to unravel some secrets about knitting and why you should take it up, ASAP!

Knitting is the new meditation

For one, you don’t need an introduction to meditation. We all know how beneficial it is and how it has been scientifically proven to improve your holistic health. Knitting follows the same pathways of meditation and includes counting, repetitive stitching, click clack of needles and unhindered focus which gives you exactly the same benefits as mindful meditation.

Art is cool

Everything you can create with skill that portrays your personality and creativity will be on trend for as long as social media exists. Making cute projects and DIY projects is currently the talk of the town with YouTube channels, Reddit threads, Facebook groups and Instagram pages dedicated entirely for knitting. You can even attend or host your own virtual workshop of knitting.

Cheap and efficient

Knitting is known as the cheapest therapy because more often than not, you can create any project with just a few hundred bucks. The whole expenditure including products, tools and the energy you spend are worth every penny which will have you pursuing this artform for years to come. Also, once you are completely in harmony with the hobby, you will tend to spend several hours with your yarn, potentially skipping on unnecessary hangouts and expenditures that may put a dent in your wallet.

Numerous health benefits

Apart from improved mental cognition and memory retention, knitting also helps you relieve stress, the silent killer behind many diseases. You will sleep well, eat well and feel well as you make knitting an everyday hobby. Chances are, it will also keep you distracted from binge watching Netflix, damaging your eyes in front of a screen or indulging in junk food and other harmful activities.

If you are adventurous and constantly exploring new hobbies to try, you should certainly take a stop at knitting. It is one of the easiest hobbies you can pick up. Besides, it is so monotonous that you can almost always multitask while knitting even the most complex projects. And being in the middle of a pandemic, the time has never been right to make stitches, handling needles and yarn a part of your daily life.